25 comments on “Live Chat: UFC on FOX 8 preview. Nelson vs. Cormier talk”

  1. OdinMMA says:

    Rogan’s a juice buffoon

  2. DriftingSea says:

    a lot of things factor into the silva ko but i actually guessed right, you know why? because of how weidman finished munoz, when he caught munoz coming in with that elbow i knew his striking was fast, something silva wasnt expecting.

  3. Edin55156236 says:

    I and pretty much everybody I know only buy ppv ufc cards when GSP is on them. He is best p4p fighter and extremely fun to watch.

  4. jiahkong96 says:

    Check my vids out and even tho it has retarded quality lol

  5. jdailey01230 says:

    agreed. too bad most of fans are punks too and the more disrespectful Diaz is the more they love him.

  6. maddizzle1776able says:

    Rogan is horrible. How many time do we have to hear about Ivan salavary subbing tony frickland with a body triangle or how randy couture love the half guard.

  7. jdailey01230 says:

    Said no one ever. Rogan is an MMA genius and awesome commentator.

  8. Ray dogg says:

    wooh, direct with GSP, I agree too. Didn’t know much journalist would say that. Alot just rides his nuts.

  9. MyannaErDejlig says:

    Skip his bullshit – 03:12

  10. maddizzle1776able says:

    Rogan is the worst.

  11. Yoseb Vardeh says:

    keep it up

  12. Chad Plainview says:

    Only donks steaks sizzle ya’ll

  13. 792bnz says:

    @1:27:35 igor vovchanchyn was a BEAST and really improved his gound game later in his career. too bad he was stopped by cro cop, with a head kick of course! none the less one of my favorite fighters of all time next to anderson silva

  14. theCRMartin11 says:

    he’s good. Ed Soares is the best though.

  15. AnAlias says:

    Chat starts at 3:00

  16. Ryoji Kitomi says:

    the Diaz brothers are punk kids. Awesome fighters, but childish little kids. Their unprofessionalism is bullshit and shouldnt be tolerated.

  17. 792bnz says:

    @23:20 knees to the body of a downed opponent is very under utilized but i like foot stomps. one flush heel to toe will create some opportunities

  18. brandon1886 says:

    Props for remember Semmy vs Pete Williams.

  19. thebanaap says:

    best manager in the game: Eddy Suarez

  20. Gabriel Verdon says:

    I love how Luke loves knees to the body of a down opponent so much.

  21. mma123892 says:

    Nelson will KO Daniel imo

  22. Savage Hunter says:

    i own your mom

  23. KravaLLT says:

    No question was asked about Rashad wanting a piece of Chael

  24. LJ3pg23 says:

    roy nelson sucks

  25. MirkotheGreat says:

    Mirko CroCop

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