25 comments on “Lord Jamar on Zimmerman: “I’ll MMA His F**kin’ A*s!””

  1. Kenneth Cole says:

    Real shit

  2. EddieVegasTv says:

    This Guy is a myth!!!

  3. kevindagame says:

    Lord Jamar is epic

  4. mansamusa2012 says:

    Vlad you should give Jamar his on show on your program. These interviews
    are the best!

  5. WellDamn24 says:

    It’s crazy that Zimmerman is in the ring with any Black man. It harkens
    back to White America treating BM like animals to throw in the ring.
    Remember that scene in Django? That actually happened back in the day. BM
    fighting in rings was a come up from not working in the fields during and
    after slavery. That whole thing harkens back to the whole “Black brute”
    stereotype (look up that term).

    Aside from the money Zimmerman might benefit from being the White guy on
    the other end of the Black Brute (BB) stereotype. There are White people
    who didn’t like that he killed a Black boy who will viscerally support him
    because the BB stereotype is so ingrained.

    BTW, I know DMX is a pitiful figure as a drug addict, but this is a whole
    new low. If Zimmerman loses he gets to paint himself as a victim, and if
    he wins any Black man in the ring with him automatically looks like the
    lowest piece of race-betraying caca EVER.

    I totally agree with Lord Jamar that Zimmerman is changing his infamy into
    celebrity, when he really just needs to crawl into a hole and die.

  6. Revenge Stone says:

    Zimmerman’s defense was that he was so weak he had to use a gun. His MMA
    trainer testified under oath that Zimmerman 0.5/10 on skills. If it turns
    out that he can fight, the trainer should be jailed for lying under oath
    and obstruction of justice!

  7. justin ramos says:

    My man lord got the galaxy watch lol

  8. Sherrell Burton says:

    I actually agree with Lord Jamar on this

  9. DAPRODUCK says:

    But when I tell you get off the swine and get refined, you act like you’re
    blind and u lost your damn mind

  10. Masterpsflood says:

    The only thing i actually disagree with in this video is the arrogant
    notion that Jamar, an irrelevant guy with a big mouth, thinks he can better
    Kanye’s career

  11. franchisejr15 says:

    This the first Vlad video i’ve seen without those stupid ass videos
    attached at the end finally 

  12. nafissasoulplus says:

    I cant keep it in No LoNGeR… Lord Jamar is a SeXY moFo!

  13. Mark Morel says:

    Jamar… would spit on a nigga. I seen the God do it in real life. That’s

  14. HENNEY MONTANA says:


  15. iPartyHardcore says:

    would not be surprised if Lord Jamar claimed to have met Gandhi at some
    point in time.

  16. fireman013 says:

    A disgrace that zimmerman is’nt in jail getting raped by juan alvarez i
    feel bad for black people in the us this is a bitch slap in their face let
    floyd mayweather fight him 

  17. Random says:

    this is capitalism. some guys see good where the most see bad and make
    something of it. simple business ethics.

  18. TerikaSaidIt says:

    Lmao @ his kanye comments. But I feel it though

  19. mossburg316 says:

    Rappers get rich and celeb status promoting murder on blacks. But Zimmerman
    don’t deserve celeb status either. He does deserve an ass whoopin and more.
    But that hypocrisy in saying now that’s what’s being promoted when rappers
    been doing it for years.

  20. desmond Foxx says:


  21. Reeko Hood says:

    LORD JAMAR speak that real shit. And Kanye is still a bitch!

  22. BackWoodsss says:

    The fight is off, come on Vlad

  23. Jeremy Zeeky says:

    Is he really still stuck on the Kanye kilt thing?? Lmao

  24. king jay says:

    I don’t understand why black motherfuckers get so butt hurt on a white guy
    killing a black 17 year old when there is so much black on black violence
    going on everyday. I guess that is acceptable in the black community

  25. SmokezZ 908 says:

    I only get on Vlad now just to hear Lord Jamar. Got my daily dose of
    knowledge & consciousness. 

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