25 comments on “Lorenzo Fertitta on MMA in New York, GSP’s Future and More”

  1. Kanguesso says:

    It’s so refreshing to hear from someone from the UFC top of the food chain
    that isn’t going to drop an F bomb after every other word uttered from
    their mouths. The professionalism and eloquence with which the answers are
    articulated by Lorenzo in this interview is beautiful to hear. That’s what
    you hear from other major sports in America who have a front man running
    things or giving interviews to the media. That’s what you get from the
    likes of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, NBA commissioner David Stern and
    others. People who treat the fans as if they are intelligent human beings
    and can be addressed as such, not someone who always speaks as if 100% of
    the fans are trailer park trash or drunken fools who only understand
    profanity and Gibberish.

  2. 4g63mark says:

    Lorenzo is such a class act. It’s so nice to see a face of the UFC that is
    a lot more professional than what we usually get with Dana. It would be
    nice to see Dana take a new position in the UFC that results in less camera
    time, so that a more collected professional like Lorenzo can address the

  3. Justin W. says:

    Dana White will speak his mind and not give a fuck about it. This mafiaoso
    Lorenzo beats around the bush and will only say nice things for the state
    where his family owns casinos. Pathetic

  4. Clev Eland says:

    See Dana… THIS is how you handle things in the media… Why can’t Lorenzo
    just be the permanent PR rep and person that handles all things media
    related… Dana is to brash and has to much bravado to handle the

  5. Criss Burns says:

    Dana should take note on Lorenzo’s behavior. Dana says the NSAC is killing
    the sport of MMA but every time Dana opens his mouth he is the one making
    MMA look bad.

  6. MMAKICK BOXER says:

    One of the states assembly woman said that the majority of UFC fighters are
    rapists? Lmao!
    She’s a feminist Lorenzo… feminists are inherently impervious to logic.
    A vast majority of them are simply too dumb to reason.
    Why else would someone so presumably intelligent say something so utterly
    stupid and ignorant?
    But hey i’m sure Lorenzo knows this all too well, as a Billionaire i’m
    certain he deals with them on a daily basis. 

  7. TemplarX2 says:

    Lorenzo = high IQ, eloquent, charismatic; Dana White= low IQ, troglodyte,
    mouth piece for a higher intelligence, asshole who thinks he can shit on
    the legends of the sport because his feeling is hurt.

  8. Pwnvidz says:

    all u idiots bashing Dana white will be the same ppl bitching and moaning
    when he is gone .. the UFC would not be the same for me without Dana white
    or Joe Rogan they just bring something that u cant duplicate , I love Dana
    white .. there will never ever be someone as good as Dana white doing what
    he does I love his passion and how he is so real and says whatever is on
    his mind instead of a coroporate suite wearing asshole who reads from a
    script lol

  9. billy mays says:

    the ufc needs to get rid of dana white. the sport has clearly outgrown him
    and his immaturity and lack of professionalism. whereas at one time he was
    vital to the sports growth in its infancy stages, he is now a cancer to the
    sport. for the sport to get bigger dana white has to go. Lorenzo should
    take over as spokesman/president, he is very articulate and represents the
    business well.

  10. murdockqotsa says:

    Eventually there should be divisions with a champion for each division.
    Once a champ, you can choose to continue defending your belt or get
    promoted to an upper division. Crazy main events in Vegas will be tier A
    fighters, but you can have local shows with good fights for cheaper seats. 

  11. enesog says:

    We all understod Dana just fine. He said GSP OWES a reematch to Hendricks,
    to the company etc… You can’t just retire, you cannot do this… (Dana
    But the fact is, GSP owes you NOTHING Dana. There you have it !!!

  12. john mack says:

    Thumbs up if you want to punch that bitch that said mma fighters are
    rapists in her fat fucking face!(You just know she’s the fat ugly bitch
    that got bullied at school and now she abuses whatever power she has)

  13. 60kras says:

    Lorenzo talks like a real boss,godfather of the UFC.
    Dana was barking only around- commission,governor…
    He received what he deserved-same disrespect that showed about GSP.And GSP
    is a grand champion- imagine how Dana treats the usual fighters!

  14. Bowmanganie says:

    Malarkey, the UFC has had multiple titles, including Georges, sitting on a
    shelf for quite some time. Most notable Dominic Cruz’s. Guess since those
    were “due to injury” it is okay, but a guy says, hey I need a year off,
    then *oh no we can’t be having that* What the UFC needs to standardize is a
    time limit. You have to defend your belt at least once a year, or every,
    say, 8 months, or something like that. If you can’t or don’t want to defend
    it, well then we toss it back into the yard to let folks fight over it.
    When you come back, you get a #1 contenders match, then a title shot. 

  15. Petepanpeter says:

    Lorenzo is very professional he’s the type of guy you want leading and
    representing mma as a sport. I don’t know why he has Dana as the president
    but what can we do. Lorenzo understands gsp needs a little vacation and I
    hope everything works out.

  16. lakeeffectmusicable says:

    Lorenzo needs to be Dana Whites PR after this interview. Why couldnt Dana
    come out and “clarify” all the awful dramatical things he said after UFC
    167? Meh oh well…Lorenzo did a great job savings Danas meltdown.

  17. Splenda4ever says:

    Dana White cares more about pay per view money than the welfare of the
    Dana White totally disrespected GSP at the press conference.
    Dana White = scumbag, moron, dumbass, jerk, lowlife, cunt, jackass, mother
    fucker, dickhead, piece of shit.

  18. lucy greenolive says:

    The Dana haters are kidding themselves. The UFC keeps rising, and it’s
    largely due to him and his team. Why would a successful organization change
    a successful formula? Most other lead spokespeople in other sports are dead
    boring, whereas Dana’s press conferences and scrums are really

  19. MobiusX says:

    the majority of mma fighters suck, look at the ultimate fighter, just a
    bunch of mediocre athletes, nothing great about them, nothing unique, they
    don’t possess superior abilities, just average people, it’s harder to
    become a champion in boxing than in mma

  20. bsmooth says:

    Why not ask him about Dana being completely dismissive of any health
    concerns regarding Georges?

    That was the truly disgusting part of the press conference, showed how
    highly he truly regards his fighters.

  21. MrIllcat says:

    I’m really having a hard time understanding the hate that’s being thrown at
    Dana in the comments. He is a huge part of making the UFC big, there was a
    reason that he was brought in. Before dana you had two business men who
    didn’t understand fights, couldn’t deal with fighters and had gone
    bankrupt. Dana has some stuff where he gets emotional but its because he is
    a human being who just talks to people about the stuff he is thinking about
    as opposed to a robot in a suit who is spouting off talking points.

  22. Tommy Lindberget says:

    I’ve always been a supporter of Dana and his more “common folk”
    personality, but the sport seem to have reached a point where It needs
    someone like Lorenzo to take over as “the boss” to bring it to the next
    level. I am well aware Lorenzo is the man who tells Dana where and when to
    sit, but in the public eye, the t-shirt loving, F-bomb dropping Dana White
    is seen as the man and might be the reason the sport is not as main stream
    yet as many like to belive.

    If you want your sport to be taken seriously, then you need professionalism
    at the top when the media is rolling.

  23. zombiedeth69 says:

    wow i guess im the only person that thinks dana is the man,i mean how many
    of us in the real world talk elegant and reserved well im from connecticut
    and every other word out of anyones mouth in the whole new england area is
    fuck,or shit,or asshole.man woman child its really not that big of a
    fucking deal..and dana is originally from massachusetts

  24. David Byrne says:

    Lorenzo Fertitta is the man.

  25. Dunliouste Alleyboots says:

    Lorenzo is a great face man for the brand, be great if he done interviews
    regularly with aeril.

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