25 comments on “Lyoto Machida Crane Kick – MMA Surge, Episode 38”

  1. MMA Surge says:

    Kick off your Thursday, crane style:

    Lyoto Machida Crane Kick – MMA Surge, Episode 38

  2. Owen Johnston says:

    While it’s obvious neither athlete has much of a karate background, it’s
    awesome to see the “crane kick” get taken seriously and analyzed by MMA
    fighters. I would have liked to have seen more explanation of the mechanics
    and how Machida sets up the kick, but still, good video.

  3. Ismael Sanchez says:

    Steven segal kick

  4. McDave1312 says:

    already did it

  5. itzFEDERICK says:

    paul rodriguez

  6. Benjamín de la Croix says:

    Amaizing man. Good work sharing knowledge.

  7. Carlos C says:

    dumb ass , its south paw, not south pole.

  8. marcuelcajon says:

    Can you cover Jose Aldos double knee. You probably already have though.

  9. Harol Edgar Coronado says:

    I love your vids! But i gotta say this kick does look awkward not done from
    a karate stance.

  10. The96Archer says:

    You make awesome vids man!

  11. McDave1312 says:


  12. therapgame1990 says:

    You’re are a idiot LMFAO

  13. Andrew Montanez says:

    @ninjadude2112 No such thing as a stupid question. As a south paw you would
    be right food and hand in the front. This video is done the way Lyoto does
    it, which is south paw.

  14. MrBenjamin1983 says:

    Penguins need MMA too… what’s the problem?

  15. valeriosiviero90 says:

    Hey, nice explanation. I have just a feedback for you, especially for
    Simon. Be aware that one of the main characteristics of this kick is that
    it has to be “snapped”. Just as the normal front kick: it snaps, not like
    the Muai Thay one that “pushes” the opponent away. So your aim is to bring
    the kick back to your body as soon as it lands on the opponent chin. Don’t
    push with the foot the target. This is why Karate kicks are faster than
    Muai Thay one, which are stronger. I hope I was clear 🙂

  16. Lyceum IRLM says:

    Cant stop watching and sharing hilarious !!!!

  17. aushev9596 says:

    Почему не грузит???

  18. bloodgout says:

    Could you teach the heel hook, the set up and the application?

  19. Hector Valles says:

    what if i dont wanna get pads >.< haha thanks btw this is my favorite kick

  20. NinjaDude2112 says:

    hang on since im a southpaw myself, whats my stance going to be? left or
    right foot forward and what hand do i lead with? i know it sounds like a
    stupid question but i want to make sure that i somewhat now what im doing

  21. McDave1312 says:

    crane kick.. oh god. next thing you say it’s a invention of steven seagull

  22. Eli Elfassy says:

    The stance is Hanzen Kutsudachi =>半前屈立. There are some more things to that
    kick than just performing it.

  23. Forrest Tserrof says:

    I’m not going to take advice from Mr. 9 and 12.

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