17 comments on “MacDonald-Lawler at UFC 167, Henderson-Belfort Rematch In Works on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. KillasLos says:

    diaz is retired

  2. KillasLos says:

    i think lawler is gonna rock rory HARD then maybe submit or finish him with strikes.

  3. monchisexy says:

    If lawler wins, (which I hope so) , I pray for a rematch between Lawler and Nick Diaz..

    I do not lie when I say, I pray for that rematch.


  4. ThieleM says:

    Sad to hear about Struve.

  5. Rob Bellemare says:

    I don’t MacDonald will risk striking with Lawler for too long. I predict a grinding decision victory for Rory.

  6. Rob Bellemare says:

    That’d be much better

  7. therealmo says:

    Rankings are necessary

  8. JRoc14NSL says:

    Rory mac pulls out Matt Brown steps in.

  9. drodsta13 says:

    Vitor vs Hendo=TRT Battle

  10. niteynite says:

    Should be one hell of a fight! I believe Lawler will do whatever he can get a win. Won’t be a passive as we saw Ellenberger even if Rory’s getting the better of him in the standup.
    Like both guys, but think Rory will take it.

  11. GingerKidsMustDie says:

    Love this show! if you guys can write in the title thats it part 1 or 2, so i dont mess them up

  12. Frank V says:

    Great fights and who really cares about rankings because that is more bs opinion from bs people that write bs articles in bs websites? I would also like to see one or both of those guys Belfort or Hendo fight big mouth Sonnen.

  13. CandidoMendez says:

    Rory vs Lawler…. Absolute fireworks! Then again, I said the same thing about the Rory and Ellenburger fight. Great show btw guys, keep it up.

  14. Jarrod s says:

    Don’t kid yourself; Lawler is fucked.

  15. Bowmanganie says:

    I agree. I was more thinking towards Robby Lawyer, but then Robin set out all his points and they make sense. Still looking forward to the fight, cause it ain’t gonna be another Ellenberger.

  16. brad m says:

    Sorry blue haired Smurf, Lawler’s got this.

  17. Diogo Mello says:

    Robin Black has a very good point on the macdonalds/lawler fight! very impressed, great show, thank you guys!

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