25 comments on “MacDonald-Woodley In Works, Pettis-Melendez Set & More on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. kopxpert says:

    I’m a neutral when it comes to MacDonald vs Woodley (with no particular
    preferences) but in my humble opinion, I think Woodley would beat Macdonald

  2. onv says:

    “It could be Ellenberger”..

    LOL .
    Ramdeen has a short memory :)

  3. therealmo says:

    how the hell can robin black follow up after the garbage that comes out of

  4. Case Morg says:

    does anyone wanna buy a rats ass? 2 dollars each!

  5. prfctstrngrz says:

    I do give a rats ass. One bad match-up can f*ck the whole thing up.

    Ex: Whoever matched #10 ranked Brown (6 wins in a row) with #22 ranked
    Silva should be shot and pissed on.

  6. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    Ramdeen is a tool sometimes, is he trying to play the heel? You could give
    a rats ass? Then why are you even talking if you’ll be excited by any fight
    and have no real opinion.

    He comes off like a yes man sometimes but what ever I’ve learned to accept

  7. jeff pope says:

    really ramdeen, no one wants mcdonald vs ellenberger again

  8. PizzaCandyChipsPop says:

    Ramdeen is shaped like a pumpkin!

  9. Stiffonda Reefah says:

    Maia by heel hook 

  10. Anthony Sampayo says:

    Nick Díaz = ass

  11. Arshiya Kaffash says:

    Macdonald vs Woodley makes perfect sense right now. LOVE this matchup. I
    think Woodley would win it though but we’ll see. Still a huge Rory fan.

  12. Lopata991 says:

    Ramdeen lay off the crack

  13. Reid Cockburn says:

    Enough with the ‘we just wanna see great fights’. We get it. This show
    needs more of Pollok. He’s the one who gives the best updates and asks
    questions you were thinking.

  14. STFUppercut69 says:

    Will Mr. Pollock ever pronounce “Miocic” right? :-7 I guess not.

  15. Damian Rivero says:

    palhares was a great submission specialist, sucks he wasn’t smart enough to
    understand when the fuck to let go.

  16. christo fortune says:

    Ramdeen……Rory and Ellenberger???? WTF, man. i think you should give a
    rats ass if you want to help host an MMA show. dear god.

  17. Christian pitters says:

    Woodley will knock macdonald out

  18. Alex E says:

    Ramdeen, no one who watches the show gives a RATS ASS what comes out of
    your mouth


    Pollock is such a passive aggressive little bitch boy. Please fire him.

  20. SkylineOwnz says:

    Daniel Cormier is going to destroy Calvacante… O.o

  21. River Cardinal says:

    Rory would TKO Woodley. 

  22. Michael Scott says:

    Rat Ass is what I call fake fur. Rats ass is a WHOLE different story. ;-)

  23. Semper Fidelis says:

    I disagree with Ramdeen. I don’t think the title is irrelevant just because
    GSP relinquished it. I feel GSP lost his last fight with Hendricks and that
    Hendricks is the number 1 welterweight in the world right now and he
    deserves that title too.

  24. MrWackywilson says:

    good job to all you guys there,nicely put together, thanks for the effort
    as always chaps!

  25. Nathan Hoofnel says:

    Update, Barao and Dillashaw headlining UFC 173.

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