25 comments on “Man vs Woman MMA Match?!”

  1. TYT Sports says:

    Battle of the sexes in…#MMA?

  2. salsaaddict1 says:

    These 2 guys on left are terrible commentators. Why are they there? It took
    half the episode to decipher what point they were trying to make. This was
    a remarkably interesting topic and they massacred it with bumbling confused

  3. kenny dang says:

    The battle of who will cum first.

  4. imnodog says:

    damn Rick, when did you tape this? This was a ploy to get people to
    recognize domestic violence, it’s not going to happen, and the
    clarification of this happened a few days ago.

  5. hcheyne says:

    I hope this works out, but I suspect it won’t.
    I have no issues with people of similar abilities competing, but I predict
    Some guy will either throw the fight or be accused of throwing the fight
    because he feels uncomfortable beating a woman, and then no one will
    believe that she is really competing or take her seriously. Then some
    violent sexist ass hole (don’t tell me they don’t exist in MMA) will
    purposely go out of his way to injure her so badly that it ends her career.
    This will all just result in MMA being relegated to a ‘car crash’ spectator
    sport instead of a valid athletic competition.
    Really hope I am wrong.

  6. TimmacTR says:

    Would love to hear feminist “progressist” fantasy world-living Ana’s
    opinion on this.. xD

  7. ufcmania127 says:

    women always fight for equal rights so she should be allawed to fight

  8. Kloxboy says:

    “What kind of fucking guy takes this fight? Unless he’s incredibly

    It’s comments like that which inspire women to want to fight men. It’s so
    dismissive, insulting both sides. Only a desperate, weak boxer would ever
    fight a woman, right? Bullshit. Like I said before, if 2 fighters match-up
    relatively well, who cares what sex they are? Unfortunately, women likely
    won’t get their chance anytime soon, as no male boxer would risk the
    humiliation enforced by douchebags if they lost.

  9. mariotrav says:

    This is fake you guys know nothing this was fake it was for domestic
    violence in brazil

  10. SketchyBack says:

    Why so negative? Isn’t it a great image that men and women can compete with
    one another? You can highlight the risks, but you’re just shitting over it.

    And scientifically, if the man and woman are in the same weight class
    they’re very likely to have the same muscle mass.

  11. Kloxboy says:

    If 2 fighters are in the same weight class and have similar skill levels,
    who cares what sex they are? These women don’t train to be delicate
    flowers, they’re professional fighters, they’re primed for punishment. At
    the very least, both sexes should be given the choice to fight their
    opposite gender.

  12. Blissmonkey says:

    Rick, sounds like this was not a legit fight. Best to address this error in
    the coming days.

  13. antigravity420 says:

    There is already a man fighting against women in mma. Look for Fallon Fox.
    Women can compete with men of in the same weight class. She is trained by
    world class trainers. Its not like she is just going to stand there and be
    a punching bag. She will most likely take the fight to the ground and look
    for a submission.

  14. TheGM86 says:

    The only thing to be said is Why?

  15. katra777 says:

    battle of sexes should be in tennis. Always wanted to see Serena go
    against a top male tennis player. Bet she would win most matches.

  16. TruthDevours says:

    Wouldn’t be the first time.

  17. jrock9201989 says:

    the fight didn’t even happen so this is most pointless video ever 

  18. Snowgoon901 says:

    This is a publicity stunt but I’ve seen an actual Brazilian mma fight on
    youtube between a man and woman the woman won by submission. I kinda feel
    like she won because the guy held back, like he was too afraid to hit her
    when they were standing so she took him down and finished him w/ a armbar,
    but it was a legit win. 

  19. BadBoo22 says:

    Shit just got real.

  20. Chilllaxxinn says:

    wow there a some sexist pigs here

  21. Mohammed Iqbal Khan says:

    welcome to last week news, it was a hoax

  22. ijdgaf323 says:

    He’ll take her down and just lay on top of her for 3 rounds. Most likely
    won’t throw a punch. I’d hope not anyway.

  23. NDRonin1401 says:

    I feel like women should never compete with men in any fighting sport
    then again, women fight men irl all the time, just ask the cops about
    domestic disputes :-)

  24. Vinicius Alves says:

    Wow I think Shotoo reach their expectation on merchandising, even in US…

  25. LeoScaranto says:

    Tyt is missing a few things about this “fight”… Just saying.

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