25 comments on “Marc Ratner talks MMA in New York”

  1. shonuffLA says:

    Luke is killing it with the interviews 

  2. Leviathan I says:

    Marc Ratner seems like a good guy

  3. monumentsNmelodies says:

    Where Is Ariel? This guy doesn’t do It for me.

  4. ImageNationProject says:

    Luke Thomas KILLING the interview game!! Great interviews. Heard his name
    many of times but great to hear from Marc Ratner himself

  5. Ryan Reeves says:

    Ridiculous its taken this long

  6. Mark Grainger says:

    At least this dude knows his geography unlike most other americans.

  7. Gabriel Verdon says:

    I like that you asked him some of the things you always bring up in live
    chats, like the rules experimentation. Great interview!

  8. Ironik Mo says:

    Lol Wilder in the background. Funny guy 

  9. yup era says:

    its funny how mma junkies are pissed that these mma channels are covering
    this fight. they don’t realize how much bigger this fight is than any
    other mma fight in history by a long shot

  10. Dylan Mead says:

    Wow Marc is a cool guy. Great interview

  11. xRumourz says:

    smart man. i have faith in him.

  12. GamerGirlBarbieDoll Vixen says:

    luke ls the best at what he does there alnt no 1 better

  13. funkrly says:

    Thank fuck Luke is doing the interviews. Dead eyed passive aggressive Ariel
    = zzzzzz

  14. Zach Wabason says:

    I can see it now weidman/belfort vs rockhold in MSG with Phil brooks in the
    co main event slot vs (insert name) December 5 2015

  15. monumentsNmelodies says:

    Love the questions he asked though.

  16. MMA Micks says:

    Will Luke Thomas take mantle of “mma journalist of the year” from Ariel

  17. 11bravo1789 says:

    Fucking Luke. Had to get your race comment in again. Im about to be done
    with your race baiting ass. 

  18. AdHendrix says:

    i love you all
    also great interview, fun to watch
    much love

  19. RUT RHO says:

    Marc Ratner is well spoken and really know’s his shit.

    Good interview.

  20. Renan Barao says:

    You should’ve asked him if the Jon Jones situation will affect NY

  21. OmFgFFsWtF says:

    hard working old man

  22. bkcpisme says:

    I love this wonky shit

  23. rollexx says:

    great questions..but learn how to wrap up the interview lol

  24. TheHurricane2k says:

    Great interview love it ! Great job Luke !

  25. The Dude says:

    Money makes MMA rotate. That’s it in a nutshell. Money talks, bullshit

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