15 comments on “Marina Shafir vs. Nicole Upshaw (University of MMA: Fight Night 5, 2/9/14, Los Angeles, CA)”

  1. Mixed Martial Arts - MMA says:

    *Marina Shafir vs. Nicole Upshaw*

    Marina “The Supernova from Moldova” Shafir (Glendale Fight Club) fought
    Nicole “Fidget” Upshaw (AZ Dragons MMA) at ‘University of MMA: Fight Night
    5’ on Sunday, February 9, 2014 from Club Nokia at L.A. LIVE.

  2. Alfredo Al Nava says:

    Marina, +ronda rousey’s prodigy!

  3. Matthew Dorry says:

    [Shah – Fear]. She’s Moldovan, not Irish. I would think that as an
    announcer, I would want to pronounce names the right way.

  4. amphibdriver1 says:

    With several more fights and each time with a much better opponent, Marina
    will soon be ready to fight Cyborg at 145. Cyborg won’t be able to
    intimidate this lady or muscle her around like she has with other weaker
    female opponents.

  5. Adrian Ruiz says:

    Marina Shafir is BEAST! I agree tho she’ll end up with Invicta FC.

  6. Jason Todd says:

    Beautiful armbar

  7. papirican112 says:

    Love Miss Marina, I thought she looked good and is learning to keep her
    lead hand up so she is not as vulnerable to an overhand right counter, or a
    check hook. I can’t wait to see her again! Thanks for posting.

  8. Sam Mason says:

    Thank you for posting this. Marina is more than ready for the next level.

  9. Tom the Tank says:

    Ive just come back from the bookmakers – I’ve asked them for odds that
    Marina will be signed by the UFC before this calender year is out.

  10. ryanexsus says:

    What a beast!!!

  11. philipee32 says:

    Does Marina even lift?

  12. philipee32 says:

    shafer? Or shafir?

  13. westcoaststrangler says:

    shes a beast and ready to go pro. its going to be fun wen she makes it to
    the ufc

  14. 21SuperiorX says:


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