25 comments on “Master Moves of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) – Human Weapon”

  1. YoungDeath786 says:

    I do MMA I beat up a hole bunch of kids in my school

  2. DahCakeMan says:

    Never fuck with silver men, hahahaha

  3. ram shah says:

    Yo yo… Fine movie clip. My older brother was formerly a fatty. He
    converted himself from 290lbs of fat into 213 lbs of pure muscle mass. We
    think it is outstanding! I just subscribed myself coz I wanna beef up. He
    made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Google it)…

  4. Wade Wilson says:

    Your not trying to kill your oppponet ur trying to beat him down

  5. Matt Henderson says:

    Not bad, but the ideal place for your opponent’s arm in a triangle (the arm
    inside the choke, that is) is ACROSS his chest; this makes the choke a lot
    tighter. Also, a few problems with technique/names, but overall quite a
    good video.

  6. Animalguy557 says:

    Yes but just remember that the main rule of a street fight is they have NO
    rules, it’s a free for all. There should be no honor in a fight unless it’s
    for sport.

  7. CarthyLeague says:

    MMA is better than judo…..look at judo and than on MMA

  8. Yoshi danny says:


  9. Wisewon s says:

    Kinda like say, “anything goes in football, you just need to follow the

  10. Eee Tee says:

    Oh yeah I know most street fights are 3 or more cowards attacking one
    person. Then it’s fine to use so-called low blows.

  11. Eee Tee says:

    Wrong. If it’s a fair fight and you start using cissy moves, you lose. “It
    was in the street” is no excuse for that.

  12. Uriel alarcón says:

    Ta perron

  13. LeGeNdZ mOnKeYz says:

    bt no ladders 🙁

  14. Mark Oates says:

    MMA is the real WWE

  15. Eee Tee says:

    Prisoners are probably the biggest cissies, They need to use weapons and
    rape (whilst pretending not be gay whilst putting their penises up other
    mens’ butts). Put them in a one-on-one fight, no weapons, against a martial

  16. Mark Oates says:

    Prison rules

  17. TheFoxfy says:

    this aint helping for street fights 🙂 Simply start training the sport
    which you like not only watch videos all day 🙂

  18. MrBruneras12 says:

    He’s a Spartan.

  19. BDFdaTnT says:

    @seanw23 “no crotch shots”… that’s Krav Maga ruled out.

  20. abdulhalimn9 says:

    I like it

  21. flipperjer says:

    @IamVeryFrozen Yeah. But bear in mind that the shoulder walk is the set up,
    not the finish. You do the ‘angle’ when you have already set it up with,
    say, the shoulder walk

  22. Eee Tee says:

    True, but in a real fight, those moves woud be cissy moves

  23. jackazz911 says:

    its a sport not a war !!

  24. Cyb zor says:

    I can do that, Hold my beer!

  25. AakwardAardvark says:

    or using the head as a weapon right?

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