24 comments on “Matt Brown Apologizes, Martin Kampmann Takes Hiatus, Anthony Johnson on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. bulldoggrrr says:

    the “apology” by Brown was hilarious. How do you call that an apology. “I
    regret that you are such thin skinned bitches, that my opinion offends you”

  2. Silent Alchemy says:

    Kampann should move down to 155. He has the frame to do it.

  3. PUBLICnoose says:

    keith kizer is gone now also

  4. Jason Adams says:

    8 knockouts in a couple of fights is impressive

  5. SunsetWingman says:

    I wish yall wouldnt do an intro. I mean its already in the title and given
    how short the overall clip is it feels like you basically say the same
    story twice. It’s not an hour long special that you need to tell me whats
    coming up, just discuss it already.

  6. Andrew Skratt says:

    nice show robin is the man

  7. Kain Lunatic says:

    Guys like Kampmann and Guida hold up the UFC, high energy fighters get the
    show started

  8. Burger says:

    It’s Mike Kyle not Mike Pyle for god’s sake!!!! Ramdeen is a piece of

  9. Spencer Marlen-Starr says:

    Men fight with no bras or shirts, wouldn’t it be more equal if women didn’t
    get to either? I thought this was about being “fair”

  10. prfctstrngrz says:

    Long time fan of Rumble Johnson. It was sad to what occurred with his
    previous issues of missing weight (to which many still criticize), but at
    205, not only is he now stable in that regard, but at age 29, he is still
    in his prime and very much still a beast !

    I say make the move back to the UFC and make a run for that belt (and the
    big money). The farm leagues will always be there for him if he fails.

  11. Hugo Stiglitz says:

    I really don’t think what Matt Brown said was so bad. It was half true.
    Maybe he shouldn’t have said they should fight topless LOL but he’s right
    about the rest. Smaller fighters are not built for delivering knockouts,
    that’s why it barely happens at the highest level of the sport. Other than
    his last fight, when’s the last time Mighty Mouse has KOed anyone? A woman
    has not got a KO in UFC yet. Only 2 TKO’s so far i think.

    Chael has said worse

  12. ilandjive CNMI says:

    Martin Kampman is always be a contender for the belt and Matt Brown is the

  13. Awesome McAwesome says:

    Everybody love’s Ramdeen!! 

  14. TheLush85 says:

    Kampmann Vs. McFedries. Great fight

  15. Bunating Bun a ting says:

    long time kampmann fan, wish him the best and hope he returns. he always
    brings it

  16. dan flores says:

    No Cruz???

  17. HOM3GROWN93 says:

    Best breakdowns in the business, easily the top MMA show around!!

  18. bouncingsoul818 says:

    I also think UFC will offer Johnson another contract, but it would be
    smarter to grab that title and defend it a couple times, then go back on
    the market. If he signs a 3 fight deal with WSOF (which he has said he is
    happy with that promotion) and wins the inaugural title, then defend it
    against 2 of their top LHWs, one obviously being Tyrone Spong that I think
    could be the most watched non-UFC main event of the year, then his return
    would be a much fatter check, and probably get either an immediate title
    shot, or a No.1 contenders match that would headline more than likely a FOX
    event, possibly co-headline a PPV. 

  19. Khalid Khurasani says:

    Brown is a cool dude.

  20. haza123b4 says:

    If we’re talking straight KOs not TKOs (as the use of the word ‘power’
    would imply), Matt Brown is spot on. About the topless issue, it may seem
    sexist but he said what I was thinking. Who would mind a topless Tate
    rolling around? Mmmmmmmm. Mark Hunt doesn’t wear a bra. GENDER EQUALITY

  21. TheLush85 says:

    Oh fuck Matt Brown’s a Republican. Well i did like him. jk…

  22. xArcher24x says:

    Matt is just mad that they make more $ then he does. 

  23. bouncingsoul818 says:

    I think Matt Brown’s views on women’s MMA and weight classes like say,
    125lbs are to some extent throughout the sport. We know fans for years
    didn’t give 145, 135, and 125 divisions much credit prior to UFC doing
    those weight divisions. Women’s MMA and these lighter weight fighters in
    the UFC seem to on a regular basis put out good fights and change a lot of
    people’s minds on these divisions a lot of us never gave much credit in the

    There will still be those fans, and I’m sure fighters, who think women
    shouldn’t be fighting in MMA even if they cement themselves in the sport.
    But I think a lot of fighters with those views will be smart enough to give
    some bureaucratic answer to not get any heat from the boss. 

  24. Max HulkSMASH says:

    Matt brown will fuck your girlfriend infront of you.

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