24 comments on “Matt Brown Makes Remarks on Women’s MMA and Werdum vs. Browne on MMA Newsmakers”


    Who gives a fuck.
    I like Matt Brown cos of the way he fights, not cos I ever thought he was a
    master of the diplomatic arts.
    And he’s right that women don’t have KO power.
    It’s a genetic fact confirmed by overwhelming statistical evidence.
    Political correctness can go fuck itself.

  2. kopxpert says:

    UFC said Matt Brown has apologized for his comments. Also, it is reported
    that “Brown later offered his own apology to FOX Sports while taking
    responsibility for his actions and mistakes”. Personally, i dont care one
    bit about what he says. I love watching him fight tho.
    Anyway, Werdum & Browne… can’t wait for that fight!

  3. cosmingZzZz says:

    “Hey, Matt, there’s a dude with a chick name on the phone askin’ for you…”
    Matt *gulps* : “Ahh, shit… hello?”
    Dana White: “Are you fucking kidding me? Are you fucking stupid or
    Matt: “Ah, hi. Ah… What’s this about?”
    Dana: “It’s about me giving you credit and putting you out there in big
    fucking fights and then you come out and say all that stupid shit about
    women’s mma? Ronda is the biggest star in this fucking company. I busted my
    ass to make women’s mma popular and what do you do? Run your fucking mouth
    about stuff you obviously have no fucking clue about… Better get ready to
    make a prelims comeback, I’m fucking serious.” *hangs up*
    and Browne by (t)ko.

  4. Kevin Hall says:

    Women shouldn’t be allowed to compete in the UFC alongside men. If the UFC
    wants to make a seperateorganization that they can fight over, than fine,
    but keep the PPV’s seperate from eachother. There’s a reason why the WNBA
    is still aired on TV even though nobody watches, it’s called political
    correctness. These organizations are too worried about lawsuits and bad
    press. I’ll never order a PPV with a womens fight on it. I prefer to
    watch athetles compete on the highest level, and women simply can’t

  5. mario monzon says:

    Dont see how is this sexist, he said women don’t have power which is true.
    And as far as topless women fighting if a women fighter said something
    similar about men fighters nobody would bitch about.

  6. HydroBud98 says:

    Damn, from what I have read, it seems like you guys took Matt’s comments
    out of context. I love this show, but the way you guy’s made Matt Brown
    sound like a bad guy was messed up. From all the interviews I have watched
    from Matt Brown, he seems like a really cool dude. Come on guys…-_-

  7. jeff pope says:

    matt brown speaks some truth, correct me if im wrong but i dont think there
    has been a one punch ko in the womans division of the ufc. theyve only had
    kos from a barrage of punches

  8. therealmo says:

    ramdeen makes crazy comments every week on this show 

  9. PizzaCandyChipsPop says:

    RAMDEEN … Stop saying ABSOLUTE MONSTER!!!! Fucking stop!!!!
    Seriously!!! Not everyone is an ABSOLUTE MONSTER!!!

  10. Kevin Hall says:

    i used to like matt brown……. now he’s my favorite fighter. so true

  11. luiz otavio Rios says:

    Matt brown is an ignorant redneck

  12. espada9 says:

    I agree with Matt Brown, fuck this PC bullshit.

  13. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    The world has become way to PC, this is beyond ridiculous. Browns right,
    woman aren’t the same athletes as men, it’s a scientific fact not an
    opinion, They don’t have power and they aren’t even close to the same level
    as the men. A tko from ground and pound isn’t a KO, and womans fight are
    stopped earlier then men.

    As for not wearing shirts it’s a joke, and it’s funny if your not a stuck
    up douche. Guess what woman, nobody watches the wnba because it’s full of

    I’m with Brown, I don’t want to watch girls just like I don’t want woman to
    be aloud in the nba. 

  14. Lopata991 says:

    Browne Vs Werdum could be an instant Fight of the year 

  15. Burger says:

    ramdeen is annoyin as hell

  16. Debtbully Payup says:

    Werdum is like 6 5 or so.Werdum by Headkick.

  17. east wood says:

    Not a good look for Matt. Just because we think something does not mean we
    have to say it. 

  18. pewpewetc says:

    lol… that little clip of john dodson doing travis brownes gloves 

  19. Derek Bowles says:

    6:18 john dodson beside travis browne…holy shit

  20. WhytyProd says:

    It was a fuckin flippant comment made on his podcast titled LegitManShit.
    He was making a joke by playing the role of an ignorant male mma fan.

  21. Christopher Leyva says:

    Matt Brown is also a hardcore right wingist…Nuff said.

  22. whydoyouwanttousemyname? says:

    its not like matt brown was serious!
    give him a break people… you people are idiots 

  23. man61x says:

    WTF…. what about freedom of speech!?!

    If Matt Brown don’t like WMMA…. why trash on him?
    GSP doesn’t like WMMA… does he gets shit for it?
    Tired of this (politically correct) bullshit!

  24. robbin hutchison says:

    love this show

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