17 comments on “Matt Mitrione: MMA’s PED Problem Stems From Poor Training”

  1. Sate Anne says:

    MMA’s PED problem is the fighters using performance enhancing drugs. End of
    fucking story.

  2. MMA Latest says:

    I like Matt, seems like a really level guy. 

  3. royalclub148 says:

    Ben Rothwell should be next!

  4. xArcher24x says:

    Remember when dana would always belittle & ridicule Arlovski in past
    interviews before making his way back to ufc. Yeah, it was pathetic and
    This would be a great fight to see happen, hope it does. 

  5. wastelandsoldier1 says:

    Ok arvlosky beat big foot.Fedor must have had cancer during that fight.lol

  6. ZuberiGaming says:

    Been a fan of Mitrione since TUF. He is a humble and entertaining guy. 

  7. Shabazz Jahbar says:

    How can anyone justify wanting to fight arlovski like his a dangerous dude
    in the HW division, glass chin arlovski is an easy fight for any fighter
    with decent striking and power, Lmao bum ass arlovski aint shit anymore hes
    way out of his prime

  8. Young Libertine says:

    Matt shud be top ten anyway or at least fighting the too ten

  9. sanmiol says:

    Does Helwani have a different dressing style? He wears the same type of
    long sleeve shirt and he never rolls up his sleeve. Switch it up buddy

  10. connerMC goat says:

    IF the majority of fighters are using p.e.d’s, those who are not would be
    tempted to use also, to keep up and protect themselves against those who
    are clearly on the juice, not to mention recovery from injuries 

  11. dreamsyncc says:

    Wait, how the fark is Mitrione not in top 10? lol

  12. schwill81 says:

    Easy win for mitrione…

  13. IndexMusicProduction says:

    I think mitrione would beat arlovski 

  14. Universal Logic says:

    But Arlovski already has a fight with Browne in May.

  15. philipee32 says:

    Mittrione keeps dialing the buttons with his extra chin. 

  16. Nuwanda84 says:

    you know somethings wrong in MMA when this fucking dumbass imbecile is the
    voice of reason

  17. philipee32 says:

    MMA’ apostrophe, s Ped problem stems from the fighters not being a REAL man
    like me, period. 

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