23 comments on “Maxx MMA HeavyBag Review”

  1. fightTIPS with Shane Fazen says:

    Heres a review of a cheap water/air #heavybag. I was worried I’d pop the
    thing, but its durability surprised me!

  2. justasking546 says:

    Hey guys am I able to have a fight. I am age 15 weight is 113 pound and 172
    cm tall am really skinny but fast hands with decent power. Also should I go
    gym or wait til I gain weight to average weight then go? 

  3. Michael Matta says:

    Sand? water sounds scary with the soft outer layer. as long as it’s safe!

  4. Sam A says:

    And then one cold winter day, you forget it’s water. Oh noes.

  5. Yuri Boyka says:

    Is there something to get rid of shin splints 

  6. frankie Pezzolla says:


    Your strikes are vicious. Your training really shows in your striking. Good
    work brother, you look good!

  7. Sam TheHam says:

    Say water a couple more times

  8. OhhSwapy says:

    I want it… Bad

  9. sc menace says:

    Shane has a little cock 

  10. Liam power says:

    First comment

  11. FlaminPigz7 says:


  12. mrmee1229 says:

    Where can I buy ? I no see the link 

  13. guydudefaec1 says:

    Krav Maga! :D

  14. LoveHealthWealthLaugh says:

    This bag is actually pretty cool and cheap

  15. aznmickster says:

    Can you teach us how you did those straight punches so fast?

  16. MLGKxKILLAH says:

    I want to get the bag, and hang it in my room. But im afraid that it might
    pop, and flood my room.

  17. Mohamad Issa says:

    my martial art = my fight gym :)

  18. time4tradin says:

    Can you show how wht you mounted the bag on im still trying to find a place
    to mount my bag

  19. Herrick Chung says:

    can this bag condition your shins like traditional bags thats filled with

  20. Fabricio Giudici says:

    Muay thai :D

  21. Daniel Woolhiser says:

    Shane please do more reviews like this. There is so much junk martial arts
    equipment out there and it would be really cool to get an opinion from a
    trustworthy and reliable source such as yourself.

  22. CinnamonToastCrunch guy says:

    What a great review! And I also think that you would do pretty good in
    competitive fighting if you were to give it another try.
    I also thought of a really cool video that you could do: “Draw My Life –
    Shane Fazen”
    In case you don’t know, the “draw my life” videos are exactly what they
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    love it. There are also lots of really good examples of draw my life videos
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  23. the urge says:

    Well, I know what I’m buying for father’s day.

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