25 comments on “Mayhem Arrested, Henderson vs. Souza, Cruickshank vs. Noons on MMA Newsmakers”

  1. Zen Master says:

    Souza is on the rise and Hendo is on the decline, in no way does that fight
    make sense. Hendo would get owned as badly as the Cormier fight if not
    worse. That’s the ufc feeding Jacare a win to ensure they have a future
    title fight set up for after Weidman devours Vitor. BTW Robin Jacare is 34,
    that’s not all that young mate. 

  2. MrWackywilson says:

    miller again…..sad………guy needs serious help….screaming bi-polar

  3. Malice Unarmed says:

    Hendo vs Jacare makes no sense, but hey, what does in the UFC these days.

  4. pewpewetc says:

    I have literally no desire to see hendo fight jacare…totally pointless
    jacare gains nothing from beating hendo and hendo is way past prime but
    would still get in a cage and fight a bear even if he was on a zimmerframe.

  5. Toonses says:

    Mayhem Miller belongs in jail. What a scumbag punk.

  6. Daniel Navarro says:

    mayhem is just the realest fucking person ever

  7. BoxingBadBoy77 says:

    Love watching this channel. Not only is the analysis really good but it
    feels like you’re watching a couple of friends or something. Has that kind
    of feel about it.

  8. henry rivera says:

    2:00 he’s the one with a mental illness but yet mrs black looks like a
    bloody fag the way he plucks his eyebrows. It’s fucked pathetic, no matter
    what he looks like rob Schneider. 

  9. ThatGuy6463 says:

    I I like how black pronounces offense

  10. tcuff1333 says:

    Hey robin since when did you become a doctor. The cops have it in for him
    because he is a fighter named mayhem.

  11. xxcage223 says:

    C’mon, Dan, this match makes no sense. First of all, Jacare up for the
    winner of Wideman vs Belfort, so why would he wait longer just to fight
    someone that’s not even a contender in his weight division? Second, and
    obviously, his old. Guy is in his forty’s. What makes him possible think
    he deserves to fight someone who not even the some league as him? Plus, he
    just lost. In my book, that means you don’t fight top contenders. 

  12. joecugo says:

    Mental illness or just a complete jackass

  13. nmr20067 says:

    Henderson vs. Souza? Why? The fight makes no sense.
    Hendo just needs to give it up; he’s done enough. He’s way past his prime.
    Yeah, he has an H-Bomb’s chance, but he goes no where even if he wins….
    He will get no more title shots at MW or LHW. I know Souza may like the
    the idea because Dan is big name…legendary in MMA really. But if Souza
    wins – and he should – people say, so what? He beat an old, waaaay past
    prime Hendo. Again the fight makes no sense and Dan needs to retire.
    Souza should have waited for the winner of Bisping vs. Rockhold. If he
    could beat Bisping or avenge his lost to Rockhold, he would have got the
    winner of Weidman vs. Belfort. 

  14. AndrewN553 says:

    Cant believe the UFC thinks Hendo vs Jacare is a good direction to go in.
    Hell a fight with Jacare and Thales Leites makes more sense than him
    fighting Hendo at this point. Sucks for Dan, first he gets the no.1 LHW
    contender in Cormier than arguably the no. 1 MW contender in Jacare. He has
    lost 4 of his last 5 fights or something, they feeding him to the wolves…

  15. Mark Bradley says:

    you guys rule… best thing out of Canada since Rush…. Fight News Now

  16. sharky125 says:

    How do we see WSOF in Canada as the boys stated? FN? On line? 

  17. Castiel DeLosangeles says:

    I would love to see Robin fight that dork that works with him. Ramdeen can
    probably beat them both.

  18. Andrew Jackson says:

    Funny that Sergio would get basically the same tattoo as his brother. 

  19. Swishah . says:

    This is starting to seem like a trend among title contenders, blast Hendo
    into oblivion for a notch on your belt and let the stubborn old bastard
    lick his wounds after falsely believing a hail mary punch will get him a
    title shot – It’s really sickening how they stick and carrot this guy into
    this false belief he’s going to pull off an amazing upset.

  20. TANK MODE says:

    dan shud just retire hes too slow and weak now, souza will destroy him
    just like dc did

  21. philipee32 says:

    Im going to try and get on that January 3rd card.

  22. Cage Riot MMA says:

    The Fight Network – Mayhem Arrested, Henderson vs. Souza, Cruickshank vs.
    Noons on MMA Newsmakers: Mayhem Arrested, Henderson vs. Souza, Cruickshank
    vs. Noons on MMA Newsmakers http://fightnetwork.com/ – Fight Network’s John
    Pollock & Robin Black… #httpgdatayoutubecomschemas2007video #MMA @fightnet

  23. Ricardo Mendez says:

    Pollock vs Black make it happen!!!!

  24. John Cocina says:

    sonnen to the hall of fame , period 

  25. philipee32 says:

    Canadian thanksgiving pfff!

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