22 comments on “Mayura Dissanake: The Man Who Foiled a Houston Gas Station Robbery on Inside MMA”

  1. amjan says:

    God, Rutten loves violence. He wouldn’t care who is being kicked, he just
    wants to see a fight.

  2. espada9 says:

    Blackhouse offered him a membership to train there.

  3. Donald Diaz says:

    Steven seagal offered to trained him to do the kick correctly and ko his
    next robber cold.

  4. Drow says:

    Hes a True Hero…

  5. Arash the brave says:

    awesome guy and awesome hair lol

  6. Ernest Ian Jagorin says:

    This guy seems intelligent and grounded. Props to him!

  7. Adam G. says:

    I hope this guy dominates in his upcoming fights and then eventually gets a
    good contract somewhere.

  8. Carlo G says:

    Much respect for this guy. Wish him all the best

  9. rsnk1 says:

    He gave him the old school shogun Chute Boxe soccer treatment

  10. one1mind says:

    A true American hero 

  11. Ry-J says:

    This is a real mixed martial artist…recognize

  12. irfan dharma says:

    brave sri lankan

  13. Stabby McChaCha says:

    Big name gyms like Alpha Male, AKA, Blackzillions or Jackson/Winklejohn
    should offer free training as a reward to high caliber human beings like
    Mayura. I’m gonna watch his next fight. 

  14. Charitha Gamage says:

    You are a real hero bro!

  15. Kasun Gunathilaka says:

    well done boy

  16. mik31168 says:

    Ben Henderson, is that you?

  17. Sha'Quan Davis says:

    Now when the guy comes back & shoot him…then what?

  18. peralez2383 says:

    This guy is awesome

  19. Cage Riot MMA says:

    AXS TV – Mayura Dissanake’s Full Interview on Inside MMA: Mayura
    Dissanake’s Full Interview on Inside MMA STOPPED A GAS STATION ROBBERY ON
    AXS TV’S ‘INSIDE MMA’ TONIGHT Mayura Dissanayake, the fighter who recently
    stopped a robbery at a gas station… #httpgdatayoutubecomschemas2007video
    #MMA @axstv

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