25 comments on “Mayweather Sr. rips Maidana; labels him an MMA fighter and says he deserves no credit vs. Floyd”

  1. Angelic Phoenix says:

    LOL omg the way floyd sr chew his damn is funny i’m so sorry but to laugh. 


    Their go Floyd eating those church’s chicken biscuits lol 

  3. matt wallace says:

    He did what he thought would get him past Floyd I guess

  4. max headroom says:

    after all is said and done here are the facts:

    1-floyd had an off night and didnt follow a good game plan butt still won
    2-maidana was aggressive and threw alot of punches and fought dirty
    3-the next fight will be totally different …a blowout win for floyd 47-0
    4-floyd will fight manny but NEVER thurman
    5-maidana doesnt really deserve a rematch…I couldnt care less who he
    i just like watching a masterful show not the crap i saw against maidana

  5. Jshortca says:

    So Floyd can use forearms and elbows nobody says shit. B-Hop uses all
    kinds of dirty tricks and he’s a legend. Maidana turns it into a rough
    fight which he was supposed to do and he gets called a “MMA fighter”. The
    hypocrisy is hilarious. 

  6. rawfl2007 says:

    Floyd sr. Is right about Floyd not throwing combinations.. He probably
    could have stopped maidana, or made the fight easier..


    Big Floyd thinks his son still needs some work.. Even the best can

  8. Shady Slim says:

    OMG so many excuses this guy better never fight Manny

  9. XMMAFANX says:

    I never knew it was legal to throw low blows and shots behind the head in
    MMA. Lol, but I agree in some respect, Maidana did fight a little dirty
    yanking on Floyd’s arm, and scoring a take down. I think he even threw a
    knee at some point, but failed to connect.

  10. RurouniNikos says:

    so dissapointed in floyd.wtf was that holding he did?he expected to not get
    hit in those areas while he was grabbing maidana each time more than 15
    seconds?the only mma fighter there was floyd great grabbing !

  11. Richard Valiant Dyhr Hegelund says:

    go and watch Ward vs Kessler thats a dirty F***in fight too and Kessler
    was/is one of the cleanest fighters in the sport

    but here the ref dont take away points or give no warnings…bloody

  12. Digital Grove says:

    It’s interesting how immediately after the fight Mayweather Sr. said
    Maidana did his job and deserves a rematch. I guess after watching the
    video of Lil Wayne getting a bottle thrown at his face they had a change of

  13. BoxingFan89 says:

    Maidana was dirty all right because of the piece of shot ref. The ref
    needed to take control of that fight and he failed to do so. A terrible job
    by a normally good ref.

  14. TJ fromPA says:

    I seen Maidana(who i like also) literally grab Floyds head, pull it down
    and tried to connect with his knee…and nothing was said from Weeks. lmao
    I gotta feeling if Floyd corner told him to “be more dirty”, people would
    be bitching crazy calling the Mayweather’s every name in the book. Anything
    to see him lose i guess lol

  15. StraiGhtLeFt01 says:

    maidana beat the shit out mayweather and exposed him BAD AHaHAHa

  16. H1GHD3FF says:

    What do u expect him to say about Maidana?

  17. UniverseMP3 says:


  18. AndrewQuiroz24 says:

    If the referee doesn’t enforce it then it’s legal. If it was such a problem
    there should’ve been emphatic verbal usage towards the referee. They’re
    full of fucking shit. Fuck mayweather that crybAby didn’t allow maidana to
    use his gloves.

  19. tinktwiceman says:

    Floyd is old.. He doesn’t throw combinations due to his Damaged Hands… &
    He Stays on the ropes to hide the fact that his Legs are gone… Floyd
    defensive style lures guys to come in and at this age, he can’t keep them
    off of him.. This Floyd is a Easy fight for Pacquiao.. No Doubt 

  20. Alpha Male says:

    guess no rematch then if floyd sr doesnt want it

  21. Ray Michael says:

    I have yet to see anyone give young A.B his props for fighting this bull
    coming of from the lower class weights. and letting Maidana use his gloves.
    After seeing this Floyd fight A.B he should be getting top respect.

  22. KVKiddo says:

    This vid was more about Sr. criticizing Jr. 

  23. Jdinero207 says:

    Yet your son does all the clinching for dear life & wwe wrastling smh I
    just don’t fucking get it.Same as angel garcia complaining about dirty
    tactics but its them who do it more & complain when somebody does it
    back.Bitch ass hypocrites.

  24. MRDESTRUCTION26 says:

    As a fan of boxing i must respect maidana! if someone beats u talent to
    talent then u need to get dirty and do what ever is in ur power! good job

  25. Brownhornet71 says:

    Chris: but, does Maidana still deserve some credit, for being
    aggressive?…and he did land some bodyshots…he did.
    Sr: Maidana, DON’T DESERVE NOTHING!!!
    Chris: Okay okay

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