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  1. HydroBud98 says:

    The UFC really needs to get it together. Dana White needs to stop talking
    about the fighters the way he does when he’s upset and Dana and Lorenzo
    need to start paying the fighters more. That’s it, there’s not much more to
    it. Whoever came up with the new bonus system should have just kept KO and
    Sub of the night and added 1 performance of the night but if the UFC does
    not want to use the words “KO of the Night” then they just should have made
    it “Performance of the Night” so that it would have been Fight of the
    Night, Submission of the Night and the 2 performance of the Nights. The UFC
    better come up with something. I think the majority of the fighters in the
    UFC are loyal and will stay, but you never know. If enough of the top
    talent goes to Bellator, a lot more might fallow. In the end, its the
    fighters that make the UFC and its the fighters that make Dana and Lorenzo
    their money. So the Fighters could go to Bellator and do the same thing. So
    Dana needs to stop acting like such a dictator and start treating these
    guys a little better and Lorenzo and Dana need to start paying more. That’s
    it! I don’t hate Dana, he does do a lot of good…but everyone here knows
    what I’m talking about.

  2. JerkyFraser says:

    Dana White’s salary is said to be around $15 million a year not including
    any bonuses he might receive. Apparently he’s worth around $150 million.
    They could pay their fighters more but they’d rather keep the money for
    themselves. It’s as simple as that. Like most companies these days they
    don’t want to let the money trickle down so that everyone in the company
    benefits from it’s success. They want to hoard it all. Dana gets all that
    money and yet I guarantee you that there will be people working for that
    company getting paid minimum wage.

  3. walterreally says:

    Loved what Robin said.

    There is no way to spin this positively for the UFC.

    If he leaves, he does so because you told him to look for other options and
    if he doesn’t then he is able to get his asking price from the UFC and
    establish a precedent for fighters for the first time since 2011 to
    leverage organizations against each other.

  4. PizzaCandyChipsPop says:

    Ramdork needs to quit saying ABSOLUTELY

  5. Cyberplex says:

    Robin black is awesome

  6. Mattimo H says:

    Fighters, choose to be in the UFC. Someone like GSP was getting like 4
    million a fight, you dont take into account the % they get from pay per
    views. Why the fuck should anyone get paid hundreds and thousands of
    dollars per fight, they choose that life, they want to fight. How come they
    need to be paid millions?

  7. milowizard says:

    Gilbert Melendez should go wherever he can make the most money at this
    time, he is one of the best in his weight class without a doubt. That said,
    it’s unfortunate his fights in the ufc didn’t increase his value, as in
    name recognition and his ranking. If he had been able to finish his
    opponents in highlight fashion, this contract situation wouldn’t be an
    issue. Close fights and decision wins aren’t what the ufc wants in title
    contenders or even champions. The perfect example is Jose Aldo, he is what
    the ufc wants in a top fighter.

  8. Edge Snob says:

    Melendez couldn’t even put away Diego Sanchez..Let him go compete with
    people on his level.

  9. Alex E says:

    Bottom line, if Bellator picks up Melendez and some of the other gracie
    fighters, and Dana keeps his arrogant style, eventually tides will turn,
    who knows but it’ll be interesting to see. & ramdeen stfu you dumbass

  10. Zlatan Kekić says:

    Everyone bashing Melendez is just a UFC/Dana White Nuthugger. Get your
    facts right, you little brand-whores. Melendez may be the best LW on the
    planet, he puts his health on the line every day, so if he can make more
    money in Bellator – so be it. He deserves it. Wish him all the best
    wherever he fights.

  11. Harvey Horseface says:

    Melendez is backstabbing twofaced unloyal greedy bastard.

  12. dlp2600 says:

    Just like any other sport when you have top guys and someone like Gilbert
    Melendez you have to pay him his worth and it was clear from Gil and his
    management that he wasn’t receiving fair value, this comes to no surprise.
    Flash back Dan Henderson 2009 he wanted to stay in UFC and get rematch with
    Anderson after coming off several big wins then his contract was up Dana
    told him go look elsewhere we don’t want to pay you and he was upset and
    moved on and did some great things in SF, at the time Randy Couture was
    making big money and some may say he has just as much right to be getting
    what Randy was earning or close to it. Having Bellator, WSOF, OneFC is
    good thing because at the end of day if UFC doesn’t want to pay they tend
    to strong arm fighters along with their representation so they have to go
    elsewhere to do what’s in their best interest. UFC is making alot money but
    when you have fighter after fighter saying this something is wrong. Donald
    Cerone for example is a main card guy and been fighting for along time in
    big fights but he needs more fights because he is broke!? Yes does some of
    these guys need help with financial decisions that is true, but that being
    said what’s not being brought up is that these guys have to pay their
    coaches, trainers, training partners , travel etc that adds up the UFC
    doesn’t pay for of this and then that’s not including the tax burden which
    could be hundreds and thousands because these guys are considered self
    employed which is higher taxes from the start. What really makes UFC look
    bad is for instance Bellator they help promote yourself get you
    endorsements with major brands and even allow you promote your own brand
    Rampage and Tito are examples of that and UFC doesn’t allow this kind of
    stuff but would rather take the money for themselves. Now you have more
    bad PR with this uniform that UFC wants the fighters to wear and any
    fighter that has established relationships already that make money from
    these sponsors will have to give it up now. This could cost many fighters
    hundreds and thousands dollars.

  13. pewpewetc says:

    UFC are seriously retarded if they let gil melendez go …that is
    ridiculous …dana etc need to stop being such big headed, greedy
    idiots….175G’s is nothing to the ufc they could easily pay all the top
    guys that …sort your shit out ufc and tell dana to stop embarrassing the
    company by talking bs

  14. prfctstrngrz says:

    Fighter pay for the bottom 2/3 of the roster is fairly structured. (being
    too low goes without saying). But the upper 1/3 is all over the map. Things
    like belt holders earning less show/win pay than some of the flat rate
    fighters. As well, there being no transparency for ppv bonuses.

    In order to avoid protest from similar ranked fighters, I don’t think the
    UFC will submit to Melendez. However, with fight cards becoming more
    watered down because of expansion and the never ending injuries, they can’t
    afford to lose many top names or their ppv market will tank. Which I think
    this weekend will be a perfect example.

    There is also the recently publicized issue of piracy, and the threat of
    prosecuting viewers of online streaming and torrent downloads. They’re
    probably losing tons of cash in this regard, especially with these weak
    cards. Gee that’s too bad.

  15. marcuelcajon says:

    Dana white will totally fuck over Lyoto just like he did when he was in the
    number 2 spot for months not getting a title shot and lied to 3 times. This
    time he will have to fight Jacare…I bet you anything. And Jacare will
    probably do the same thing he did to Carmont and then get a title shot.

  16. bouncingsoul818 says:

    Man, the Melendez news, that is fucked up. He was in Strikeforce, one of
    the best at 155, they wanted to move him over wuicker, but Showtime
    wouldn’t let him. Both of his UFC fights were FOTNs (I forget his debut,
    but that fight was good and a close controversial fight with one of the
    scores). Now there’s a contract dispute, and Bellator is in position to
    snatch him up like UFC tried with Alvarez in a mirrored image.

    UFC can’t let Melendez go. I know there’s “depth” at 155. But Melendez
    mixes up Bellator’s 155 division with Alvarez and Chandler being legit top
    5 fighters at that division. Fans of MMA can’t be put through that. A round
    robin of trilogies and that’s all the interest in that promotion for any
    Melendez fan to watch. I would be pissed if he wastes the remainder of his
    prime in another “second tier” organization. 

  17. IHACKER316 says:

    Love this show keep up the awesome videos 

  18. 37robles says:

    Hopefully this Melendez deal changes how the UFC nickels and dimes the
    fighters. Especially after hearing what Nate quarry had to say about
    sponsors. And now the UFC uniforms taking up more “real estate” on their
    shorts. If not we could be seeing a lot more people shifting to Bellator
    who has the money to spend via Viacom and even WSOF who has been willing to
    give big names the money they feel they deserve.

    The 2 middleweight fights were great. I was surprised at how well Carmount
    performed against a beast like Jacare.
    But I feel like Machida definitely stood out more, I mean I’ve never seen
    anyone have that much success against Mousasi on the feet. He should
    definitely get the title shot at winner of Weidman/Belfort.

  19. jack black says:

    I have no idea why Jacre didnt fight Machida. they were on the same card
    and ranked #3 and #4. instead they fought #3 vs #8 and a #4 vs #9. the UUFC
    isnt paying attention to the rankings. both fighters got an easy win in my
    opinion. and now there is this uncertainty over who is next title fight
    after weidman and VitoTRT

  20. haroimdonard says:

    I love the UFC, but the end is nigh. Fighter pay, big brother-esque
    internet censorship, and Dana insulting his own fighters. Silvia’s out,
    Cain’s out, GSP’s gone, and Ronda will leave soon. Jon Jones is in an empty
    division at 205 and Aldo cleaned out 145. They need to stop trying to
    control their fighters like they’re products. The new bonus system is
    bizarre, and I’m still on the fence about Fight Pass. All that said, 2014
    will be a HUGE year for the UFC that will make or break the company. 

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