Michael Bisping says Vitor Belfort has upper body of a lion but chicken legs, Anderson Silva next

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25 comments on “Michael Bisping says Vitor Belfort has upper body of a lion but chicken legs, Anderson Silva next”

  1. CombatScienceMMA says:

    Every fight people say Bisping will get KO’d. Give the guy a break he’s only been KO’d by the legend of Dan Henderson. Bisping has been in the UFC for six years now. Winning TUF and only losing tough fights to top guys. Don’t count him out.

  2. CombatScienceMMA says:

    I’m pretty sure GSP and Anderson Silva hold the title of most dominant champion(s) in UFC history by far. JJ only won the title March of 2011 compared to how long GSP and Silva have defended their titles for. I’m not knocking Jones either I am a fan of his but he still has to beat Chael to tie Tito Ortiz record.

  3. timbo550 says:

    Bisping is a great fighter with awesome footwork but I think Vitor Belfort is the worst possible match up for Michael Bisping, maybe even worse then Dan Henderson, well see. If Michael Bisping can dominate then he’ll sell me on the title shot but if he doesn’t dominate, no way.

  4. scawfan1 says:

    2 bad he’s gonna k.o.’ed huh?

  5. SkyCutterFan17 says:

    Reporter looks like Kenny Florian LOL.

  6. MrJesulius says:

    Those two dudes are the same (not champion material) but the difference is that vitor allmost won the LHW belt against the most dominant champion in ufc history.

  7. Safo8888 says:

    I think Vitor finishes Bisping……too much KO power, and now that he’s training with The Reem and Spong, I think he’s going to find that chin. Maybe not Dan Henderson style but I think Vitor will finish BIsping, he doesn’t really finish like Vitor.

  8. callum93edluk says:

    Belfort wins round 1 and 2 then Bisping takes 3, 4 and 5. Bisping by decision.

  9. Niels Sørensen says:

    Cut the f… background noise…

  10. King2011ish says:

    War belfort vitor has heart he fights in 2 weight division middle weight and lightweight on top of that Jon jones  has chicken legs as well and yet he smashes people bisping you talk a lot a old man in hendo knocked you out man Vitor might end your carreer!

  11. charles manson says:

    Vitor is going to do the same thing to bisping that Dan Henderson did FACT

  12. philyking says:

    I used to hate Bisping until I realized that the ufc was TRYING to make me hate him. Hooray for marketing!
    But yeah, Bisping is kinda the shit.

  13. adamnchild says:

    Vitor could win this in the first two via stoppage if can land one on Bisping & either KO him or pound him out after a good strike. But Bisping is no mug, he literally has one weakness…Hendo’s right hand!!!
    But I see Bisping bringing in his kick boxing and then the cardio of his will allow him to maybe land his usual point scoring/but not KO shots. On the ground Belfort will be as good as his cardio.
    Got all the ingredients of a great fight, looking forward to it.

  14. johnno8721 says:

    “After round 1 he’s gunna be a walking punching bag, and it’s gunna be easy night for the count, BOO YA”. You gotta love Bisping. He is class!

  15. charles manson says:

    Vitor is going to do the same thing to bisping as he did with wandergay

  16. fatlad1231 says:

    Bisping seems so focused & confident (not cocky) since he moved to America! Probably the best career decision he could have made to move there permanently! Good luck bisping!

  17. nonameskypeislame says:

    ya dun kno fam, WAAAR BISPING!!!!!

  18. bantermelon says:

    This is how the fight will go. Vitor will try standing up with bisping trying to land bombs but bisping will use his kickboxing to land significant strikes and then at the end of round 1 and during round 2 vitor will try to ouwrestle bisping and take him down and we all know bisping will just get right back up at which point vitor will be completely gassed and bisping will tko or ko him in the 3rd.

  19. Tommy T says:

    That mic is clearly not being used LOL

  20. TAPOUT490 says:

    Bisping is too funny

  21. BenKurton says:

    Bisping gonna bingo that stinky Brazilian chicken!! Bisping gonna turn him into a Zinger Burger!! Bisping gonna be Champ 2013!!! RRROOOOAAAAARRRRR!!!

  22. simon t says:

    Belfort gonna have his ass kicked again. Yanks raining down the hate again on Bisping I see, he should have got decisions over both Sonnen and Evans. Belcher looked like a knucklehead, Cung Le please over the hill, Lombard 1-1 in the UFC he got to work his way up.

  23. codyshrewsbury says:

    Bisping gonna get KO’D in the 2nd round WAR Belfort

  24. omgyourfat6 says:

    Messed up.  But true

  25. ilovedrums1000 says:

    @zombiewhale loll yea sure those guys are definitely top tier. So one dimensional and weak. When you look at their aspects they seem ok. But when have you seen them actually have an exciting fight? I would put belcher up there but talk about some serious exposure in his last fight.

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