12 comments on “Miesha Tate and Alexis Davis Talk Ronda Rousey on Inside MMA”

  1. Pavi P says:

    All these Women that Rousey is fighting literally come from fighting on a
    pre-lim undercard a couple months earlier, to making a jump to fight the
    champion in the Main event. This is the same as the Mike Tyson Effect from
    the early 90’s lol. Give her someone who is actually good enough, Like
    Cyborg, Then we`ll see how good rousey is.

  2. britvroman says:


  3. Sean Grace says:

    Theres no way anyone can convince me that Alexis Davis is a legitimate
    contender for Ronda Rousey.

  4. fuckyou goglefags says:

    i bet she loves anal

  5. Tim Lee says:

    Alexis Davis is training at Team Alpha Male as well for this fight to work
    on her wrestling. Also Alexis Davis does train with Cesar Gracie team as
    well. Nick And Nate Diaz has trained with Ronda Rousey in the past. I do
    wonder if Nick and Nate will give Alexis any tips from training with

  6. TwoSwift651 says:

    Ronda via 1st round armbar…lol

  7. james suddoth says:

    well if cyborg would stop losing fights… also being able to make 135
    would help.

  8. stllwtchngvds says:

    Alexis Davis is legit and deserves respect. I personally think she’s the
    toughest fighter in their division. Ronda is super skilled and should be
    the favorite but I’d be surprised if this fight isn’t very competitive.

  9. SmoothS says:

    It would have been funny if at 0:54 it said “About to be Submitted”.

  10. SmoothS says:

    0:12, LOL at that F— U Nick Diaz Message.

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