11 comments on “MMA 3 Way: GSP vs the UFC, Rich Franklin can’t retire and more”

  1. jazzlive says:

    this posted the same day as MMA Beat. And if you watch both, it’s gotta be
    obvious that this is the superior show.

  2. Mad Titan says:

    Dallas, Eugene, AND Kid Nate???

    Shit yeah!!

  3. Deano says:

    Bloody Elbow drinking game, every time Eugene mentions Nazis or Mike Kogan
    take a shot. 

  4. Kenro200x says:

    You three guys should do shows together more often. This is entertaining

  5. Owen Stenseth says:

    Great stuff. Laughed uncontrollably at the connection problem part. 

  6. shonuffLA says:

    The best episode in a while. U guys should post these in the reddit/r/mma

  7. Denis Horvat says:

    a great way to starting my weekend , its an honor watching & listening to
    you guys

  8. izadi1979 says:

    Where do I find GSP’s interview?

  9. optimine says:

    i totally agree about gsp. he got “dumped on” by dana and now feels free to
    say what he wants. it’s nice. i love the ufc but like most big groups who
    aren’t responsible to many people they get devious. 

  10. schwill81 says:

    Joe rogan even mentions before the fight that weidmans corner says they
    didn’t like the kicks from silva in the first fight so they were gonna
    check em an it work beautifully ugly but beautifully…

  11. Frank Gonzales says:

    Tete a Trois.

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