11 comments on “MMA 3 Way: Pro wrestling + martial arts movies as inspiration for MMA”

  1. KJ Gould says:

    The clutch and the full Boston crab were partner assisted stretches for
    wrestlers originally.

  2. gizmo nala says:

    i got to see Hogan vs Yokozuna 1993 king of the ring along with 20 of other
    legends, had to stop watching in mid 2003 this new shit is unwatchable

  3. zack dines says:

    Seeing a lot of pro wrestling stuff on Bloody Elbow lately, gotta say I’m
    pretty disappointed, especially with the judo chops on various dudes
    ‘special moves’. I know it LOOKS like combat sport, but it just isn’t. It’s
    Broadway with stunts, and it’s geared towards the lowest common denominator
    of viewer.

  4. Frank Gonzales says:

    Far from your worst show ever.

  5. Ed Foster says:

    Eugene, please be mindful of references to rape.

  6. tommy leblanc says:

    called a knock down drag out

  7. gizmo nala says:

    three decent remakes the longest yard, bad news bears, and scarface

  8. tommy leblanc says:

    gladiators days

  9. tommy leblanc says:

    most all thoughs fights were seen for free on tv

  10. zachmacjack says:

    Scarface, The Departed, Dawn of the Dead all remakes

  11. Frank Talk says:

    “Chachi” from Happy Days was *Scott Baio*, not Ralph Macchio! Either way,
    Ralph WAS totally unconvincing as a martial artist for me.

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