6 comments on “MMA 3 Way: UFC 169 and our fantasy MMA leagues”

  1. Deano says:

    Not one mention of Donna Shalala, Mike Kogan or Nazis, Eugene you of all

  2. Jonathan Merward says:

    Keep these coming Nate

  3. henrysto says:

    I’m finally one of the 4 live viewers…. even if it was by mistake. Woot. 

  4. kingrobthegreat1 says:

    I can’t believe the blasé attitude towards these stabbings. If this
    happened in the UK it would be an unbelievably big deal; it would be all
    over the national news, and there would be a very damaging spot
    light pointed over the entire sport.

    So far I’ve not heard any concern for the person who was stabbed, nothing
    about the extent of their injury’s or when their likely to recover.

  5. Ad nauseum says:

    I must admit I’m not a big fan of the title, “MMA Vivisection”.Whenever I
    hear the word “vivisection”, I think of Dr. Mengele. This is not generally
    something I enjoy thinking about, but I don’t fault you for being unaware
    as it’s kind of an obscure fact. I just wanted you to know that I watch all
    of your stuff because I enjoy watching MMA, and you guys make me laugh a
    lot, but now whenever I think of your show, I also think of Nazi
    atrocities. So that’s nice. 

  6. G_A_B_O_S says:

    Do you really need “off topic” in the description. When you and Eugene get
    together going off topic is a guarantee. Keep the 3 ways coming, I love
    these shows. 

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