12 comments on “MMA 3 Way: UFC double header preview”

  1. sirlordford says:

    Eugene with the Cutmaster Cool V reference.

  2. John Galt says:

    Where’s Zane?! His fight breakdowns are better than Luca Fury’s!

  3. Poopiesnoopies says:

    Eugene hasn’t seen SLC Punk?? Wow

  4. MutantvillePlayers says:

    Dammit, Nate! Dallas said before that he started watching live events with
    UFC 1 so he’s not new school!

  5. Justin Fairbanks says:

    Except Backstrom is Swedish, not German.

  6. John Galt says:

    My first skateboard was a Lester Kasai. My old ass still tries to make time
    to skate once a week.

  7. Deano says:

    Idk what I just watched. 

  8. Mad Titan says:

    And Miocic is fighting Maldonaldo. JDS is injured.

    Amateur hour, lol

  9. nacetroy says:

    SLC Punk! – Matthew Lillard looks a bit like former Whipping Boy band
    member and friend of Knuckle Up, Dr. Steven Ballinger.

    good show, just bad cards

  10. Jonathan Merward says:

    Kid Nate is totally right about Halloween, but Clive Barker is the shit.
    Hellraiser trumps them all.

  11. MutantvillePlayers says:

    Friday the 13th lost the script with part five.

    Halloween lost it with part three when they removed Michael Myers.

    Hellraiser lost it after part two Hellbound because the story for part
    three with miniscule despite my own on screen cameo ala Eugene in Leonard
    Part 6. Yes, Hellraiser III was filmed here in High Point, North
    Carolina. You can look it up.

  12. Mad Titan says:

    Mousasi did fight in PRIDE

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