25 comments on “MMA AB WORKOUT (You WILL Tap Out!)”

  1. MURDR63 says:

    What do you think about stomach vacuums? Also, would you have any tips for
    boxers? I’m really trying to increase my punching power.

  2. crazybiscut says:

    can i use a soccer ball?

  3. BossZilla says:

    I’m 14 what should I eat to get abs 

  4. IAmNormalHonestly says:

    over 9000!!!

  5. Steven Warner says:

    More like this please.

  6. Altuber 99 says:

    Heeey Jeff, please do a workout with no equipment needed.

  7. Sycothic Wulf says:

    Meh its ok 

  8. TonyAerts says:

    Do you take Ephedrine ?

  9. LionheartSJZ says:

    my tap-out score is 0.6 … lol
    My core is weak as fuck apparently.

  10. Truth Seeker says:

    Brilliant Jeff!

  11. NeverWalkAlone1394 says:

    Gotta be honest i thought id do better…. i got up to 15 and almost died.

  12. adamx20 says:

    Looks awesome. Now I need a dynamax ball.

  13. Chris Green says:

    Best Chanel on YouTube . Only place I click like before I even watch the
    vid lol 

  14. Yuri Boyka says:

    This is really great

  15. Miguel Delgado says:


  16. Tanzim ahmed says:

    Tried to use my pillow instead of Dynamaxx ball and you guys know what
    happened next….. Gotta clean my all room !! Holy ….

  17. Calm LivePono says:

    Great video! Can you do one on what to eat/drink before, during, and after
    working out?

  18. Steven Sikora says:

    This is really good, I was looking for a good ab workout.

  19. XDragonsXCryX says:

    Looks tough gonna do this tmr.

  20. tunnza69 says:

    Is there any alternatives to the piece of equipment you were using?

  21. Matthew Camba says:

    Hey Jeff,
    Important question. I recently started the Athlene X program, day 2. Today
    was agility training and I just completed the workout. However I currently
    have an ACL injury. Haven’t had an MRI yet so I’m not sure if its a tear
    but I’m fairly confident it is. I wanted to know, is it wise to perform the
    agility training with an ACL injury? The workout went well today but I have
    some pain in the knee. 

  22. selfactulized says:

    I would look like a degenerate if i did all of his stretches and workouts
    in a gym. People would record be and laugh.

  23. Kuzlica says:

    Train like an athlete also means juice like an athlete, right?:pp

    I dont want to get confused.

  24. SBDxL3G3ND says:

    What is the best workout for chests? I know the basics such as bench press,
    etc. I just want some examples of exercises that target different parts of
    the chest such as lower and upper chest.

  25. Conan says:

    I don’t get why there’re dick heads disliking these good training
    videos….. I bet these people can’t even do a situp.

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