Train your abs like an athlete…every workout, every exercise. Would you never miss an ab workout if your life…

25 comments on “MMA AB WORKOUT (You WILL Tap Out!)”

  1. MURDR63 says:

    What do you think about stomach vacuums? Also, would you have any tips for
    boxers? I’m really trying to increase my punching power.

  2. crazybiscut says:

    can i use a soccer ball?

  3. BossZilla says:

    I’m 14 what should I eat to get abs 

  4. IAmNormalHonestly says:

    over 9000!!!

  5. Steven Warner says:

    More like this please.

  6. Altuber 99 says:

    Heeey Jeff, please do a workout with no equipment needed.

  7. Sycothic Wulf says:

    Meh its ok 

  8. TonyAerts says:

    Do you take Ephedrine ?

  9. LionheartSJZ says:

    my tap-out score is 0.6 … lol
    My core is weak as fuck apparently.

  10. Truth Seeker says:

    Brilliant Jeff!

  11. NeverWalkAlone1394 says:

    Gotta be honest i thought id do better…. i got up to 15 and almost died.

  12. adamx20 says:

    Looks awesome. Now I need a dynamax ball.

  13. Chris Green says:

    Best Chanel on YouTube . Only place I click like before I even watch the
    vid lol 

  14. Yuri Boyka says:

    This is really great

  15. Miguel Delgado says:


  16. Tanzim ahmed says:

    Tried to use my pillow instead of Dynamaxx ball and you guys know what
    happened next….. Gotta clean my all room !! Holy ….

  17. Calm LivePono says:

    Great video! Can you do one on what to eat/drink before, during, and after
    working out?

  18. Steven Sikora says:

    This is really good, I was looking for a good ab workout.

  19. XDragonsXCryX says:

    Looks tough gonna do this tmr.

  20. tunnza69 says:

    Is there any alternatives to the piece of equipment you were using?

  21. Matthew Camba says:

    Hey Jeff,
    Important question. I recently started the Athlene X program, day 2. Today
    was agility training and I just completed the workout. However I currently
    have an ACL injury. Haven’t had an MRI yet so I’m not sure if its a tear
    but I’m fairly confident it is. I wanted to know, is it wise to perform the
    agility training with an ACL injury? The workout went well today but I have
    some pain in the knee. 

  22. selfactulized says:

    I would look like a degenerate if i did all of his stretches and workouts
    in a gym. People would record be and laugh.

  23. Kuzlica says:

    Train like an athlete also means juice like an athlete, right?:pp

    I dont want to get confused.

  24. SBDxL3G3ND says:

    What is the best workout for chests? I know the basics such as bench press,
    etc. I just want some examples of exercises that target different parts of
    the chest such as lower and upper chest.

  25. Conan says:

    I don’t get why there’re dick heads disliking these good training
    videos….. I bet these people can’t even do a situp.

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