25 comments on “MMA After War: Fightland Specials (Trailer)”

  1. Ivan Resendiz says:

    I want to see the full video. If anybody can send me a link is appreciate

  2. firdaus125 says:

    Overpaid soldiers choosing to go to war for money and now they’re back all
    they do is complain about how they can’t work or function.

  3. Fitzgerald Mistral says:

    The fact that so many are suffering from mental problems says enough about
    the legitimacy of these wars from get-go, and all the crap that were made
    up to justify it, like the series of false-flag events that occurred on
    9/11. Let alone the blaring signs that these wars are merely rackets, like
    the fact that ‘soldiers’ are paid hush money – large boxes full of cash
    each – to keep silent on their ‘duties’ to guard poppy fields and load the
    drug on US military planes to be shipped to America, and the fact that
    entire villages would be wiped out, either by bombing or by soldiers who
    are ordered to massacre everyone to the last man, child and woman. No
    wonder more of these mercenaries are being killed at their own hands than
    at those of the manufactured enemies. This is the normal response of the
    brain: these people don’t deserve to live, since they are not inherently
    bad, and as such their internal programming is launching the self-destruct
    code to save themselves and humanity.

  4. Geehad says:

    All the people saying how we “kill innocent people” I really wish you’d go
    chill with us in afghanistan and see how strict the ROEs are. We aren’t
    allowed to shoot unless fired upon, and we’re not at war…the war ended
    weeks after the invasion, this whole time we’ve been doing “nation
    building”. Building Schools, Hospitals, trying to implement a
    democracy…etc etc. But if you’re a Combat MOS/Job (like me) More often
    than not you’re just doing bull shit patrols, and waiting to get
    ambushed…there isn’t no “exterminating whole villages, and getting paid
    hush money”. Really half of you hate us to death, but I know a lot of guys
    that’d fight/die for every single one of you.

  5. T Zman says:

    Just like rehab, it’s all a business. These vets are sold that they’re
    depressed and anxious, so they buy into whatever it is that they buy into.
    In this case, not so bad, just MMA.

  6. VICE says:

    Fightland visits the P.O.W. Team in San Diego to learn how US Army Veteran
    Todd Vance is using MMA to help rehabilitate returning combat veterans who
    suffer from PTSD.

  7. ☢ ᴅᴠᴅ ᴘʟᴀʏᴀ ☣ says:

    It’s that compassion for other human lives.

    If I live my life alone, 0 friends. 0 loved ones. I wouldn’t have to
    worry about people dying.

    But when you’re OPEN and love everybody, everything and love life, DEATH is
    going to effect you even more. 

  8. rebghb says:

    Guy in thumbnail looks like Mr. Obama

  9. Jose Mingles says:

    You don’t feel bad to the point of your mind turning against you by denying
    you piece of mind, unless you’re a normal human being and you know deep
    down that what you did was really wrong. Unless you’re a psychopath, then
    you will come back home to join the domestic militarized police force and
    play tough against the citizenry as a form of thank you to the sheeple for
    allowing scumbags like you to do this same thing to others in the name of

  10. Emil Jabbar Aboud says:

    Let them kill theirvselfs. They cant handle all the innocent pp they killed

  11. Richard Taylor says:

    Good I’m glad these guys have this if it helps them. 

  12. Emotional Contagion says:

    freedom + democracy bro!!!!!!!!!!1

  13. Hooderr x says:

    MMA fo life

  14. David McIntyre says:

    This girl is putting in some work! Everywhere on vice!

  15. UrkoZzZ says:

    0 fucks given, dont go to war to kill inocent people

  16. 0100011001010101CK says:

    regardless of the purpose they served, or the reason they joined, we should
    never let any fellow countryman suffer and be ignored in their time of

  17. thesneaker brat says:

    this looks really interesting and good

  18. Geehad says:

    @UrkoZzZ None of them joined to kill people dumbass, hell if you even knew
    the Rules of Engagements you’d realize 99.9% of the time we can’t shoot
    unless we are shot at. 

  19. colm connolly says:

    Conor mcgregor

  20. Beringeringerhein says:

    Gay. Bohoo I miss touching my buddies boohoo I can’t kill people anymore 

  21. Fenrir S. says:

    Holy Shit

  22. What a Swagget says:

    this looks awesome. i would watch the shit out of this..

  23. jasonlajoie says:

    Why oh why oh why does anyone join the American military at this point?
    It’s not helping anyone at all, only destroying lives on all sides of the
    conflicts – all to make a few rich people richer. Crazy…

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