8 comments on “MMA Bodyweight Workout: Conditioning for Fighters Class #5”

  1. Chris Martin says:

    Your videos are kick ass..keep up the great work..very

  2. kroooassant says:

    motivation, consistency. go.

  3. Dat Nguyen says:

    Great video. I enjoy seeing your class grow. Those wall walks look

  4. LostInDaJungle dnb says:

    hey Funk great video! I’m going to start incorporating this workout to my
    routine ! btw where is your school located?

  5. Linty T says:

    I’m loving these workouts, funk. Thanks, dude. You totally rock! 

  6. JACK Daniels says:

    Thuis is great Funk more of these training , ll write it down and try it in
    the gym.

  7. Warren Cooke says:

    How many times do you repeat the circuit funk


  8. prochol says:

    Good workout Funk. I didn’t know you like good house music :D

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