21 comments on “MMA Bunker GSP vs the UFC”

  1. Craig Talbert says:

    Will talking to your blender make it grow like when you talk to your plant?

  2. Solar-one says:

    what was the beef with Big John?

  3. bill smith says:

    Lets not forget GSP’s GreaseGate..Georges always felt slippery according to
    all his early opponents.Dana and the UFC are corporate criminals thats why
    Anonymous hacked them and posted all Danas personal info online.Dont be
    scared Hommie

  4. BrainChild666 says:

    Wouldn’t that make the NFL, NBA and NHL Monopolies? 

  5. Mad Titan says:

    GSP and Couture are great guys. Dana is a scumbag 

  6. thomas maschine says:

    good work kid nate!

  7. gameVStruth says:

    VADA testing doesn’t stop everything, but it decreases the magnitude of the
    PED use and makes fights safer. EPO needs to be tested for (I am certain
    that is a big reason Cain is so successful) as it allows someone to
    mercilessly bludgeon a gassed opponent unfairly, and of course steroids
    that enhance striking power and facilitate more damage needs to be tested
    for. MMA is a sport where an opponents advantage may well lead to your
    permanent damage so it is in the best interest of all involved to minimize
    the effects of PED use.

  8. Water Mccullough says:

    UFC is the best and will be bigger after this global ($) reset ..like
    Boxing was. ..earlier on…its a new day….remember casinos always
    win….enjoy it before their roster has 4million fighters and 427 belts
    like boxing….I hope not…lol

  9. Lee Anthony says:

    Ps WTF is a Cage Fighting connoisseur? lorl

  10. Larry Emerson says:

    I get the feeling that there is a war of words brewing and that in the near
    future its going to be GSP Vs UFC.

  11. shonuffLA says:

    I Wish he would have said this when he was champ. But talk about burning
    some bridges oO. What if gsp turns around and starts his own orginization
    lol he’s got the freetime and money

  12. Chris N says:

    smart people can have zero smarts when it comes to economics.
    UFC has many other competitors. It is not a monopoly. Only government can
    enforce a monopoly. You have to use violence or the threat of violence to
    keep your competitors from competing with you. Only the government can use
    violence. the government has a monopoly on using violence.

  13. thomas maschine says:

    …and they are still not testing for EPO!! everyone should watch JRE with
    Victor Conte….stamina is so important in fighting.

  14. Water Mccullough says:

    You have to look into the real reason Keith kizer stepped down:-D remember
    hes linked to similar stuff in Boxing…..he has lots of pull in every

  15. Lee Anthony says:

    This is why I never watch any of this guys post-fight reviews on Bloody
    Elbow. Such a bore. Trying to stir shit up and exaggerate things. What if
    this and then what if that-pfft. Typical jack-ass reporting. This guy is
    not an MMA fan he’s just like that Luke Thomas from MMA Fighting, both of
    them are jumping on the band wagon of the fastest growing sport in the
    world and are just trying to grab any attention they can.

  16. thomas maschine says:

    i belive GSP…..

  17. horsefaceemily says:

    Hi those links were the same ,but blank page`s so Im not sure wot Im
    looking at BUT here`s the facts.MMA Is NOT semi cantact look at there
    face`s one man cought the other man allot harder then the other,one man was
    unmarked and one was like a squashed water mellon about to burst and shoot
    Its seed.You can not judge MMA by semi contact Its plain to see who won
    that fight GSP admitted that when he DARRENT fight Hendricks again and
    thats wot will be talked about when asked about his retirement,,,,Why did
    you not give Hendricks a rematch,GSP was rambling sitting down he diddent
    no were he was even,Im not a judge but I can judge a fight allot better
    then most of these so called judhe`s who get money vie the back hand In to
    there pockets Its very commen when there`s big money Involved ,all GSP had
    to do was finish the fight and he did but got COD FISHY batterd with chips.

  18. horsefaceemily says:

    YouWillLose44 Come on I like GSP but look at his fae after that fight LOL
    no he diddrnt win the fight,wots that saying a picture says It all,that
    cats nice have you sean him :-)

  19. Wisewon s says:

    Johny said gsp was on roids so gsp said lets do vada then johny backed out.
    Johny is definitely doing roids.

  20. horsefaceemily says:

    ONV,Your a nice looking cat bonny face I must say,Whiskers of Felix ?,I
    wouldent like to be In a fight get my face rearanged and my opponent
    unmarked and say I won the fight,he knows he lost It partly mashed his
    mind,still the belt will go to the true champ now Hendricks and Im no fan
    pink nose.

  21. horsefaceemily says:

    GSP go home,you lost the fight and exepted the belt but wouldent give
    Hendricks a return co`s you new you would lose the belt next time for real
    .You wanted to keep your record and belt NO you cant have your cake and eat

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