16 comments on “MMA Bunker: Wanderlei Silva gets banned for life + Jones/Cormier get fined”

  1. ExperimentalVaccines says:

    Is sports the only profession that fines you when you do something wrong
    while at work. Imagine if all jobs were like this. Show up late to work get
    a $100 fine.

  2. onv says:

    How can a sparing session get “faked” ? I don’t understand. In any case,
    why is showing a fake sparring session on camera a sin ? 

  3. JaguarSBA says:

    The bad news and injuries/fight cancellations just keep piling up. It’s
    been a terrible year for mma on so many levels.

  4. JustLouIt says:

    Nate, you should get a lesbian haircut like Zane Simon

  5. gizmo nala says:

    nate i watched the video and now it wont go back or rewind wtf, i checked
    my youtube on other videos and it works fine did something happen while
    uploading. i had to sign out to rewatch, yes i watched it twice

  6. Gaius Nasa says:

    Nate keeps it one hundred! Def my favorite out of shape person in mma
    journalism, #charismafordays sidebar: just in case Nate reads this and
    doesn’t know what 100% mean, it means keeping it real 100% of the time 

  7. John Galt says:

    NSAC did not have jurisdiction! They had NO business asking Wand to pee in
    a cup for the same reason that asking you or I to pee in a cup would be
    outrageous! This is a clear case of gov’t overreaching! Will NSAC ever
    admit that they are in the wrong? Never! They do what ALL public servants
    do. They double down in order to give the illusion that their actions were
    justified/legal in the hopes that the general public will go along with the

  8. Johnny Mac says:

    This was clearly a show of force. NSAC has had too much recent publicity
    on this and they are putting their foot down. In the end this will bolster
    the legitimacy of the sport. Fighters will be more careful which is a good
    thing. I think this was a good decision because the level of evidence was
    so solid they had the perfect excuse to make an example of somebody. We
    may be sad that the fight is canceled but in the end this is a good day for
    MMA’s future.

  9. DhrSiNpromos says:

    Great breakdown of the situation.

  10. Mike C. says:

    Even though Wanderlei is a well-known professional figure in the MMA world,
    a 70 grand fine is pretty hefty.

  11. Gabriel Verdon says:

    Anderson and Wanderlei. To use a trite movie cliche: you either die a hero,
    or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. 

  12. Halo Charger says:

    You ban me for life good luck collecting your 200k

  13. Ronald Reagan says:

    Well that was a pretty good — pretty informative vid. At least this time
    you didn’t have that queer on that is boycotting Mel Gibson because he made
    a religious film. 

  14. Anthony M says:

    Ufc monopoly buys every organization that it runsdown then makes a killing
    off their champions real scary cats

  15. Michael Thomas says:

    Good job Nate! Jones hasn’t conducted or controlled his behavior in a
    champion manner since last year.(My opinion)But could you or anyone else
    imagine Silva as someone with credibility,and an example of any kind of
    successful career oriented personna?He should of hung it up a long time
    ago.His examples are definitely “What Not To Do” I feel sorry for anybody
    that looked up to him,trained with him etc.. People in general,especially
    fighter’s in competitive organization’s should definitely have in mind that
    “They Have To Take Responsibility” for their action’s.Even when society
    teaches them it’s something else’s fault.Fighter”s with unstructured Malice
    qualities, I think will never get that….Heaven Bless them all! :)P
    Attention Getter’s LOL What do you think about that “Fight Pass” broadcast
    of today’s commission process???Interesting thought :)P

  16. gizmo nala says:

    is it bad that when i read w silva got banned first thing i thought was
    nate better do a bunker show, on a side note instead of bellator going full
    wwe they should have the no drug test league 

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