24 comments on “MMA CIRCUIT TRAINING PART 1”

  1. Dylan Wright says:

    renegade bar throwbys… targets hips, obliques, shoulders, light triceps,
    forearms, light biceps i believe…

  2. Chris Torres says:

    where is this gym?

  3. Charlie Keiner says:

    Green day

  4. dw2025 says:

    Hey, Nice work guys. What type/make of the blue mat are you using? with the
    plate weight. Thank you, DW

  5. CR15WILLAM says:

    I like this gym!!! 😀

  6. Jeff Butler says:

    Very good…

  7. dougchristie13 says:

    how many sets and reps do you do??

  8. tubeguy231 says:

    I don’t know what it’s called but it’s a core/stability work out

  9. kieranmma says:

    how many circuits?

  10. philcinephile says:

    Sick gym!!!

  11. kenneth king says:

    no effort at all at on those db snatches

  12. tricepsish says:

    looks like a nice gym set up

  13. ThePorrompompero says:

    Look at his shoulder 2:00

  14. Oboy Herlambang says:


  15. sprawlmessiah says:

    at 2:36 what do you call that workout and what does it targets?

  16. Lamon anderson says:

    2:02 Green Day – Brain Stew I really like this gym.

  17. Fred Velez says:

    MMA training is the best…that was awesome, and Im not easily impressed.

  18. The Dylan Curtis says:


  19. Anders Malling Høegmark says:

    Looks intence!!!

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  22. Namal Asanka says:

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  24. Young5aint15 says:

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