25 comments on “MMA DATING GAME!!! (SACK #67)”

  1. Andrew Manford says:

    …yea…unsubscribed, because I’m not 10 year old.

  2. Kobe West says:

    If I could have anyone go to UFC 1, it would be Conor McGregor. That would
    be fucking hilarious.

  3. WheresYour Beard says:

    is there ever gonna be a reveal about the falcon and what/who it is meant
    to represent?

  4. Sebastian Trevino says:

    Nick diaz anderson silva dana white and gsp playing monopily

  5. Jack R says:


  6. vengeancien says:

    Same exact thing went through my mind
    What is the functionality of that damn light saber?
    Is that the original light saber?
    What are the two small blades for?
    Or they some sort of early exhaust system for the light saber?
    Is the designer of it a junkie and made one from scratch?
    Or is he just a super bad ass who wanted a scarier looking light saber? 

  7. Chung Lii says:

    The reigning champion is almost always in the red corner. Way to fuck up
    another video, clownshoes. 

  8. Tattoed Shin says:

    Hahaha. Best ‘Sack’ so far.

  9. AlfredoOne19 says:

    Vitor is by far the coolest ever

  10. samjs721 says:

    I honestly think demitrius Johnson would destroy everyone in the first
    ufcs. Imagine Johnson vs Dan the beast sever.

  11. Mike Clayton says:

    This. Episode. Was. Amazing. 

  12. Garrett Wyr says:

    I have 5 brothers, there was plenty of rivalries and fighting one day just
    to be best of buddies the next. I don’t anything about their history but I
    wonder if it was same with the Diaz brothers? If they fought over Rhonda
    what would it look like?

  13. Tim Adamek says:

    Cain vs. Art Jimmerson at UFC 1. Set it up.

  14. af1rs2jl says:

    GSP loosing his shit. LOL

  15. BeastSports02 says:

    I would love to see Anderson Silva be the announcer for Brazil! Hilarious!

  16. Mikeztarp says:

    If she does the duckface Vitor is gonna spinning kick her in the head.

  17. McCain Smash says:

    You’re so funny Tommy, you should make a guest appearance on Jay Leno. Yes,
    just Jay Leno.

  18. jcracker says:

    lol this is so stupid.

  19. Erik Wiley says:

    The cookie joke was fucking amazing, motherfucker.

  20. James Earl Cash says:

    Money for spinning headkicks and the ducks for free… go streak go

    Whoooo Whoooo Whoooo… Whoooo

  21. Mortimer wolffkelly says:


  22. SomeoneLegendary says:

    Vitor is so funny!

  23. brandonfiend says:


  24. leagibson says:

    Maybe now Tommy will finally put my question in his sack…Connor McGregor
    has employed the same thrash talking/ass whopping strategy to poll vault to
    a title shot in UFC as he did with Cage Warriors. Knowing that he has a
    lather, rinse and repeat formula, does it make his title run any less
    special in your eyes?

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