25 comments on “MMA Dummy Training | Ginger Ninja Trickster”

  1. Bulldogfishmaster says:

    Man I hope Hollywood puts you in some big movies….awesome GNT…thumbs up
    to you!

  2. lastrosenfeld says:

    Dang bro I thought you where just a TKD style kickboxser. see so many other
    Technics. I like the Kail or arnis sticks at the end there. 

  3. Shunderz says:

    You should become a vigilante, lol.

  4. Rikimaru MVP says:

    Pure art…thank you sir for sharing 

  5. GingerNinjaTrickster says:

    New Sampler on the Century Grappling Dummy. I hope you like it and good
    luck with your training :)

  6. Nebur pg says:

    You are the best ^^

  7. rashid rao says:

    awesome jnt. Could you give a special tip on how to do a 360 kick properly.
    Please reply

  8. kioyix2 says:

    how old are you bro?
    u are amazing

  9. Mateus Cordova says:

    I love your videos bro! Now a serious question, haven’t you ever thought
    about trying to enter to UFC or Bellator? You are one hell of a fighter,
    with all the respect!
    Greetings from Brazil

  10. sirch one says:

    Bro, you need to fight CM Punk.

  11. Barrett Nichols says:

    Love these dummies; they’re great for shin/instep conditioning, as well as
    drills for clinching and reversals. You should do a tutorial of some kind
    for these dummies as well as other MMA gear.

  12. Michael Huang says:

    Wow they ship to the US? The price isn’t bad at all.

  13. Shadrack Midenyo says:

    +GingerNinjaTrickster . was that Kali, Jiu- Jitsu, Wing Chun/Jeet Kun Do
    and Taek Won Do?

  14. nando1881 says:

    I’ll ask one of those to Santa for sure :P

  15. gara mada says:

    It’s a clever video. Catch your friend then catch the training toy. That’s
    really good man.
    Tai boxing 

  16. Rambo JOHN says:

    Ginger you are incredible. One day we should train together and sparrow

  17. marekmaxpabianice says:

    nice… keep your knees together when you do an armbar

  18. Carlos Somoza says:

    Great job. Do you fight in MMA or anything? Do you have videos of that? It
    would be awesome to see you in action 

  19. Stefan Makaveli says:

    If B.O.B and Dummy would get alive,they would make team and try to beat you
    Nice video,sir,keep posting for us :)

  20. HeavenlyDismay says:

    Looks like they come in 3 different sizes and weights.
    70lb: 62″ Tall 90lb: 66″ Tall 120lb: 72″ Tall

  21. Daniel Simamora says:

    Hello sir, where did you buy that MMA Dummy?? Btw, I from Indonesia, where
    can I buy that MMA Dummy?? Thank you 🙂 #Taekwondo

  22. ~mech4n!x says:

    Bring him in the actogan! ;)

  23. vanessa collins says:

    I wanna learn some new moves if you can teach me I be trying to get
    flexibility I be doing it long time but I need your help

  24. Raven Skyler says:

    Hey, I saw you did some punches izit wing chun?

  25. RokyJJ says:

    My Source of Ispiration!!!!
    thank You!!!

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