7 comments on “MMA fans preview Mayweather vs Canelo”

  1. MMANationDotCom says:

    Eugene works on the words side not the programming side.

  2. kingrobthegreat1 says:

    How can someone who says they’ve worked in IT in Silicon Valley, for Intel no less, seeming fail to understand that turning on HD mode increases the quality of the video but sucks up more bandwidth.

  3. Sha'Quan Davis says:

    The difference is boxers make way more money…they don’t know over here fucking lames.

  4. eccentricccc says:

    Eugene talks about himself way too much.. so annoying.



  6. MMANationDotCom says:

    Glad you like it.

  7. yukdog says:

    Its 2am here in melb Australia on a friday and i choose to sit here znd listen to u 2 fellas chop it up . Keep up the videos guys .ur unreal to listen too

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