25 comments on “MMA Fighter 600lbs Sumo Vs 169lbs MMA UFC Fighter”

  1. Bill Speirs says:

    This doesn’t end as you might think…

  2. Zé Manel Cunha says:

    Here’s a good example of reach vs speed, it takes several minutes, but the
    contest is never really in doubt. These are also examples of clearly
    superior ground game by the much smaller opponent.

  3. Kenji Wei says:

    The black guy looks like Balrog fused together with E.Honda

  4. Jasper van Minnen says:

    Cung Le, Korean Zombie?

  5. Hans Wurst says:

    I give the fat guy credit for trying but I have never seen a succesfull
    asian mma fighter, especialy those japanese wannabe badasses get their
    asses kicked regularly

  6. Faisal Heezan says:

    How can it stand up?!

  7. Santhosh Fabre says:

    was like watchin a movie grt

  8. vjHunkie says:

    man i can’t stop laughing 😀

  9. Charles Wilde says:

    watch?v=YvyKYCC4v1o my mma team watch it pls :)), support us pls

  10. Zoxsterz Effendy says:

    Fuck shit

  11. john liar says:

    stupid obese piece of shit

  12. Impossible2787 says:


  13. Wilder Delfin says:

    -.- k chino tan lok le ullo toda la peleaa -.-

  14. danjo hebron says:

    just be humble man.. ur opponent is fat and cant move faster so just be

  15. mathiasmorqubus says:

    WOW king Hippo looks pissed.

  16. dmatic2012 says:

    he almost fuckin died lmao he went full retard and still won

  17. Logia1978 says:

    Super punch Out ?

  18. alexgabriel1996 says:

    Ohhhhhhhh ya little Asian man!!!

  19. Chris Phillips says:

    Skip to 4:00 for when something actually happens.

  20. Eduard Diaz says:

    you funny my nigga

  21. Armack Belmont says:


  22. thwh77 says:

    This red thing the 310kg guy wares is a tent, isn’t it?

  23. Eduardo Ramon says:


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