25 comments on “MMA Fighter Accuses Mortal Kombat X of Stealing Her Likeness – The Know”

  1. Arkham Knight says:

    My ugly mug was the likeness for Goro, where’s my money? Jesus Christ….

  2. ItalianStallion330 says:

    Really. With this logic, every overweight dude can claim that they look
    like Bo Rai Cho

  3. Mokey Blackblood says:

    Isn’t there a disclaimer at the beginning and end of games that states that
    any likenesses are purely coincidental?

  4. UnBakedStorm says:

    Aren’t most MK characters made to resemble famous people?

  5. wubwave says:

    Who wouldn’t be hyped to have a MK character look like them?

  6. KyleAJ13 says:

    A white girl with short blonde hair who likes taking selfies, never heard
    of that before

  7. Marblez3 says:

    LOL She wished she looked like Cassie.

  8. Matt Przybysz says:

    To all the people in the Cabin in the Woods comments asking why it took
    them so long to file a lawsuit, THIS is the reason why. They made sure to
    get actual proof and evidence and talk to lawyers to make sure they could
    have a case with what they had. Here, on the other hand, is some nobody
    latching on to a popular thing in an attempt to get some attention and/or
    quick cash.

  9. MetallicA7X92 says:

    So if I see a NPC in Gta that looks like me I can sue Rockstar?

  10. akiflyer says:

    Jesus Christ, bunch of greedy bastards… if someone dedicated a character
    in my honour I would be thrilled, not pissed.

  11. vicecityrocks1 says:


  12. No Google I do not want to change my name says:

    Is this the new thing now…

    Looks like me, GIVE ME MONEY

  13. Wickerrman says:

    Not even similar imo. Thousands of girls will pull them poses on selfies
    every day, no one owns pouting or cracking knuckles…just pathetic and
    wanting money and attention by the looks of it.

  14. MikeRKO316 says:

    Felice needs to use her head. The character had to look like Johnny Cage
    and Sonya… every character ever probably looks like somebody in the
    world… im Scorpion without the mask. FUCK YOU PAY ME!!!!!!

  15. CaptainWaffle says:

    this is just a coincidence, please stop being dumb humanity
    -captain waffle <3

  16. Bradley Gray says:

    Speaking of likeness, is it me or has NetherRealm made Sony Blade to look
    somewhat like Gina Carano?

  17. CyberCube says:

    Just because a character looks like you doesn’t mean they stole your
    likelyness… And if so, what does she care? More publicity for her.

  18. TheW-Koso says:

    Its an honor to be in a video game. Especially one like Mortal Kombat.

  19. Flashburn 117 says:

    Wait. I’m Asian and I do martial arts. Time to sue Nether Realm for
    several characters.

  20. ERRM says:

    I’m going to sue for them stealing my likeness for Jax, except I’m an short
    fat white guy.

  21. NemRaps says:

    Let me go ahead and take 100 selfies a day in different poses and outfits,
    and maybe… just maybe… one day they’ll make a new black character so I
    can claim “identity infringment”

  22. CaveBob SpongeMan says:

    Bullshit. Caddie Cage is just a female version of Johnny Cage. She’s has
    the exact same personality. Maybe she stole Johnny Cage’s likeness eh?

  23. RichyBabess says:

    Don’t even think they look particularly similar. Just seems like a ploy for

  24. zafdragon says:

    one picture, i’d say coincidence. but 5-6? She might have a case. good luck
    to her.

  25. Timothy Ortiz says:

    Seriouly, Mortal Kombat was built on copying…

    Liu Kang = Bruce Lee
    Kano = Terminator
    Johnny Cage = Jean Claude Van-Dam
    Raiden = Lighting (Big Trouble in Little China)


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