23 comments on “MMA fighter Beats Up Thieves at gas station Texas”

  1. Jeremiah Bonet says:

    MMA fighter Beats Up Thieves at gas station Texas 

  2. painlessrisen says:

    send about 20 of these guys to Chicago to clean up the negroes there.

  3. 42 Belvedere says:

    How many times have good people been hurt or killed once they decide to be
    humane to a violent criminal? Countless. Yeah, this attendant did use a
    little excessive force, but if I was in his situation, I too would have
    made sure that the robber wasn’t going to get up, and I’m not going to
    worry about hurting him too much. I’m as liberal as the day is long, and I
    don’t condone violence, but that robber who was abandoned by his cohorts
    asked for it. If he’s smart. he’ll provide police with the identities of
    the other perps. Otherwise, he’s looking at doing a 5-yr. stretch in the

  4. Excalseras says:


  5. R Gimminez says:

    Honnestly if this MMA fighter was in Holland he was the one who go to
    jail and the robber can charge him for violance , In Holland robbers are
    protected by law you cannot use more violence than the Robber , if you
    use more violence than the robber he can charge you 

  6. Anjelo Fernando says:

    Proud to be a Srilankan :D

  7. KillaManYaro_FMJ says:

    In The Netherlands where im from you would get arrested for
    assault…..fucking pussy lawmakers over here….

  8. Royal Lad says:

    That fighter = THE BOSS.

  9. phillip phillips says:

    He’s so casual when he talks about beating up the thugs lol. He’s like “Yea
    I kicked the first guy and the other I just punched in the face”.

  10. Coreymac1 says:

    Good they kicked his ass…

  11. greg rijborz says:


  12. erpvb says:

    that’s karma for ya

  13. R Gimminez says:

    maybe because of free drugs use in the netherland some people are thinking
    like a shrim the MMA fighter did the right thing he kept on kicking
    the criminal to beshure he could not harm him maybe the criminal got a
    knife or a gun , he had to keep him knock out , and you dont do that
    wilth a lullaby song ….

  14. Conan Russell says:

    Love this. In the US this man is glorified, in the UK he’d be charged with
    assault. Vigilante justice all the way!!

  15. R Gimminez says:

    this wonderfull story came in one of the Dutch leading news paper, People
    condemend the MMA fighter because he used “too much violance” it is a
    pitty that people cannot think clearly (maybe because of the free drugs
    use) that the MMA fighter did not know if the criminal has a weapon , so
    he wanted to be sure that the criminal was knocked out .. But one thing
    is sure in Holland the judge will love to put the MMA fighter for long
    time behind bars ,and let him pay the moral- and physical damage to the
    Robber , (this robber would be sitting on a gold mine in Holland 

  16. pradeep kumara says:

    good job hero

  17. Diana Middelkoop says:

    Glad he’s not living in our country then. In our country this would be a
    lawsuit and the MMA figter would be sentenced…..This would be a case of
    excessive violence…..

  18. Mornbs says:

    Why does it take him so many hits to bring an untrained man down? And
    what”s up with all his punches and kicks that look rather uncontrolled?
    And every time he needs to help of others?

    MMA fighter my ass…sigh

  19. thebeaterz16 says:

    Only in America would they call criminals like this “bad guys” like they’re
    talking to complete retards. And not condemn the guy for kicking a man in
    the face repeatedly when he’s down. Of course I’m not condoning the
    attempted robbery. What he did at first was awesome. But there’s no need to
    kick a guy’s face in when he’s already down and out.

  20. Johny Nunya says:

    i cant stop watching this i luv it motherfkrs got beat down face stomped in
    the pavement ohhh yea instead of leaving wit money in hand he left with
    teeth in hand hahahaha

  21. Wolf Crimson says:

    Respect to you!!

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