25 comments on “MMA fighter Dave Herman tased by cops (original footage) & plea for help from wife, Madeleine”

  1. Ryan Ianaro says:

    I called the number on the screen to ask for his release, and they said
    Dave Herman was already released… I asked them if they knew the the
    seriousness of the issue, and how the “law” was the last thing being
    justified in this situation…. The proceeded to tell me that they can’t
    answer any questions, nor could I ask any questions…. I did a bit more
    research on the gas station they pulled over at. I called the gas station
    to see what the situation was on the footage the gas station had
    captured…. Apparently the police office had already confiscated the
    footage and all copies of footage, and there is no extra footage for a
    judge or lawyer to review. Hopefully Mr. Herman can get a decent upstanding
    lawyer that will help fight for that footage and bring the proper justice
    Dave Herman deserves…. I asked the gas stations manager if the outside
    video captured audio and he assured me it did due to the fact that they
    were able to convict a previous individual just on the audio alone. Let’s
    pray the police office doesn’t doctor the footage or “loose” the footage
    before the proper circumstances can be taken. 

  2. Vallkiri mrl says:

    Y’know, I want to have faith in the cops, but then shit like this happens

  3. Monty Burns says:

    The end bit of this video goes to show you exactly how cops think. They
    turned off their cameras before engaging with Dave Herman because they
    wanted a little bit of action that night. They wanted to flex their
    state-backed “muscle” and have no video evidence to have to answer for
    subsequently. This is why it’s important to always film police officers at
    all times. I would like to see a company come up with a video streaming
    software that loads your video in real-time your own password-protected
    Cloud account so that if the cops confiscate your camera/phone and delete
    your footage, you can still retrieve it.

  4. kenalpha3 says:

    Give me the full names of these thugs and the DA. Please also get a photo
    for each thug and post it in a video so we can identify lawlessness. You
    can arrest them. You can place a lien against the real property of the DA,
    until he releases your kidnapped husband, for violating contract to enforce
    the US constitution, and for retaliation against witnesses of police
    brutality. What they did is serious felony charges (Title 18 Section 242 &
    241) and treason against the US (18 U.S. Code § 2381).

    That DA made a big mistake and needs to be removed from office for breach
    of contract and attempt to coverup crime by his paid thugs. Do not just
    demand Dave’s release. Demand $1,000 for every hour he was held hostage.
    Call them again and tell the DA that he has violated his oath of office and
    you are giving him notice that you will require $1,000 for every hour Dave
    was held hostage (also put it in writing and mail to him).

    Was bail set? Demand they pay you that amount for holding a US citizen
    hostage for ransom. Do a freedom of information request to get the videos.
    If they say they don’t have it, then you can file federal charges against
    them for tampering with/ destroying evidence.

    Also the officer tried to make you get out of the car knowing a child was
    with you. Notice he opened the door and left the noise on to purposely
    interfere with the audio recording of what was being said behind you.
    Write all these complaints down then write a formal criminal complaint
    against the DA and the officers. Then give us copies so we can also send.
    When the DA refuses to prosecute his own thugs, then he is caught with
    federal charges, conspiracy, and “Misprision of felony” 18 U.S.C. § 4.

    PS you asked for local lawyers. Make sure you screen any attorney to make
    sure that they are not city attorneys nor public defenders. They will have
    a monetary interest to sabotage your case. Ask each lawyer if they have a
    contract with the city or any government, and ask if they made an oath to
    enforce the constitution. If they are not military then the oath means they
    are public officials, which is who you don’t want representing you in a
    case against other officials.

    To Dave and wife: see +Ryan Ianaro ‘s own thread. He has given you witness
    testimony that the store owner admitted that the cops took surveillance
    footage. If they give you problems down the line, then you have witnesses
    to make a case against the cops for tampering with evidence/coverup. Inform
    the Federal judge of this: that the cops took the store video and did not
    provide you with a copy. Also demand copies from the DA. If he refuses then
    hes caught with obstruction justice/coverup.

  5. GtheMVP says:

    Prob didn’t need to be tased, but he was a total fucking idiot for not
    listening, they were in uniform. This is more attempted gotcha bullshit,
    plenty of legit reasons to be pissed at cops

    The Herman’s are idiots and this channel should be embarrassed for this
    video, this is Alex Jones nonsense!

  6. john smith says:

    Three forms of ID? Where is this law stated?

  7. WiggidyWhackable says:

    Unfortunately I think Dave was at fault as well as the police on this one.
    He didn’t pull over for 3 miles? That is certainly not yielding to an
    emergency vehicle, and any reasonable judge or jury would rule in the
    police’s favor. The second mistake he made was exiting the vehicle right
    away ESPECIALLY after what the police perceived as a pursuit. The police
    made several mistakes including yelling and escalating the situation to the
    point of police brutality with the taser, 

  8. Awakened citizen says:

    Fuck that. You and your husband are no better than anyone else. I’m not
    calling Dekalb County just because you happen to have a soapbox from which
    to cry persecution. Can’t say what happened is right but the world is full
    of wrongs….get in line like the rest of us peons.

  9. jiner666 says:

    Stupid fuck pull over lil faster don’t piss off the pig

  10. MrKobajack says:

    This girl sounds like a self-righteous bitch. A moron. That three forms of
    ID nonsense is fucking ridiculous. The people who say it are just as
    retarded as those who think martial artists need to register as a lethal
    weapon. Mrs. Herman — go fuck yourself.

    All you cop hating losers are so easily brainwashed by whoever is filming
    and narrating the video. You have an agenda and this just makes it easier
    for you to justify your lame beliefs.

  11. A Train says:

    I actually think Dave was pretty out of line. Everybody knows to not get
    out of the car if you get pulled over. And then to not follow the officers
    orders… What do you expect? 

  12. zeu s says:

    all these comments defending the cops… are you blind or just stupid?

  13. Andy Peterson says:

    I’m no scientist, but wasn’t it kinda dangerous to be using an electrical
    device (stun gun) near a gasoline pump ?0_o

  14. Andrew Stockwell says:

    They were in uniform….how stupid are you

  15. mrprism88 says:

    The cops are entitled to their safety too. Especially after following an
    unknown with no lights on at 1:30am. They would have gladly shown ID after
    they were secure. Maybe you should come up with police procedure and have
    everyone talk over tea and crullers before a police inquiry and possible
    arrest. I bet if you and your child were being kidnapped you would have had
    no problem with the great police work you witnessed. Thanks for documenting
    proper police work.

  16. Joshua Sasfire says:

    “Who are you?” Lol there all dressed as cops and a cop car is following
    them with lights on for 3 miles. He wanted to get tased and make a scene.
    People just want to be victims.

  17. Walter White says:

    don’t worry about those typical bullshit charges. they will all be dropped.
    in the meantime, get a good attorney, demand a jury trial then sue those
    mother fuckers indivudually for violating your constitutional rights. 

  18. Dis Pleased says:

    If he was black this wouldn’t have happened!?

  19. Roger Sleeth says:

    First when they saw the police lights you are supposed to pull over then
    not when you feel like it. Second you stay in the car until they tell you
    to get out. When you do get out you comply with what they are telling you
    if not you be tased or pepper sprayed or shot depending on the force needed
    and the threat you are posing. If he would have done what he was told then
    nothing would have happened. They told him countless times to turn around
    and get on the ground he didn’t and got what he got. All because he didn’t
    pull over till he felt like it. Dumb ass

  20. Stu Pitt Moran says:

    MMA fighter Dave Herman tased by cops (original footage) & plea for help
    from wife, Madeleine
    Dave Herman was attacked by police officers and tased for not submitting
    without question. Adam was contacted this morning by Dave Herman’s wife who
    used to intern with AVTM. They came up with an approach and produced this
    video to help Dave and put some bad officers in their place. Please help by
    calling the prosecutor!

    DeKalb Prosecutor’s Office
    Demand Dave’s release!
    Demand accountability!

    Cops are fucking cowards.

  21. dopemelody says:

    Idiotic couple, endangering their kid for no reason. Lol at
    Google-attorneys demanding 3 forms of ID.

    Hazards on = need help. Walking towards police that continue to ask you not
    to = tazed or worse.

    Grow up!


  22. j sh says:

    fucking scum of the earth those bastards in uniforms

  23. Devin Obreezy says:

    Take these ass holes to the cleaner have them all fired get your kids
    collage paid for and make them pay for this in the fullest

  24. Jerry U says:

    I know that the cops need to provide three forms of ID. What I don’t know
    is the source of that law. Can anyone post it, thanks?

  25. RockZord says:

    You are retarded. When an officer asks you to do something, there is
    usually a reason, whether you know what the reason is or not. Show them
    your fucking ID, do what you’re asked. No routine traffic stop ends with
    being tased unless you’re full-blown retarded. You did something
    wrong/dumb, didn’t want to get caught, and blew it.

    When Police turn on their lights, and you don’t stop, how are they to know
    why you didn’t stop? Looking for a well-lit area? Bullshit. You stop when
    the lights go on, and you sit and wait for them to come to the car. It
    happens every day, thousands of times around North America without incident.

    What many don’t realize is, the people you deal with throughout the day are
    regular folk. cashiers, mail men, blue collar workers, or maybe company
    men. When you’re a police officer, you deal with shitty fucking people
    every single day you work. They deal with the bottom half. If you want to
    be treated better, rise above the filth. Don’t coat yourself in it, then
    reprimand them for being wrong. If you don’t want to be treated like the
    scum of the earth, stop acting like it. They treated you the way you
    decided to present yourself. Don’t like it? Stop doing dumb shit. You will
    be amazed how fast things get better.

    I intend to call that phone number and praise the officers for not losing
    their shit when you started being cunty and asking for ID.

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