25 comments on “MMA Fighter FIGHTS 4 GANG MEMBERS, Kills One During Home Invasion”

  1. aries6776 says:

    fuck you lost me in the first 10 seconds you annoying fuckers. And what’s
    with the make up anyway?

  2. Stefani Brown says:

    See some one died even without guns involved. 

  3. UncleBadTouch says:

    From what is know. It was purely in self defense. So he can actually defend
    himself against 4 guys trying to kill him, that shouldn’t really change the
    fact that it was in self defense.

  4. Drakno2 says:

    Depending on the contents of the phone call my opinion can go either way

  5. Perposterown says:

    If it was all in legitimate self defense, he should have no charges against
    him. BUT that implies it was actually in self defense. Still, it is pretty
    intense that he won in a fight against 4 dudes. 

  6. PatPowers1995 says:

    I’m sure the gangbangers just wanted to REASON with Torres … knives are a
    common feature of rhetoric, everyone knows this … how brutal of Torres to
    attack those gentle, knife-weilding gangbangers when they visited his home
    after threatening him and his family’s lives … surely they came by to
    apologize … with their knives …

  7. ben tovey says:

    correction he killed one gang banger not gang bangers lol Elliot you dunce 

  8. Piece Maker says:

    lol, fuck i’m SO glad i’m not american

  9. Benjamin Anderson says:

    In Missouri this would be open shut castle law. Home defense is legal MO

  10. Joseph Cook says:

    Phone call he was on proves otherwise unless the gang members started it.
    Shows a deeper involvement. However, I feel that everyone has a right the
    right to protect family and home. For all we know, he may have been
    attempting to get a friend/family member out of said gang or something like
    that. I say he had the right to do what he did since it was a real and
    present attempt on the lives of his loved ones and himself.

  11. LpapizongoKtegusta says:

    Sad part about this is that he can be prosecuted because the law sees his
    skills as a lethal weapon no different than a fire arm not because he knows
    how to fight but because he makes a living off of it. Even when defending
    his home and family they can go after him do not only he has them banners
    trying to find him now he also had the system against him. What a shame for
    the”Justice for all”motto. 

  12. Tom Sokota says:

    Four people attacking one is grounds for lethal force anyway so why he
    would face charges is asinine. Libtards piss me off 

  13. Andres Sanchez says:

    He had all the right first because it was self defense second because they
    had weapons third they already threatened his and his family’s well being.
    In retrospect he did what was right!

  14. ResidentAnthro says:

    I believe that this absolutely counts as self defense. There were 4 gang
    bangers wielding knives and that, in my mind, totally seems like intent to
    lethally injure and/or kill. If you are in legitimate fear of your life you
    should be able to defend yourself in anyway you deem possible. It’s
    unfortunate someone died, but so are gang bangers. 

  15. ebowman25 says:

    so it’s not self defense if you are actually capable of defending yourself?

  16. Robert Chappell says:

    It’s self defence they came for his life and he took there’s first I would
    do the same 

  17. Julian Barney says:

    I think they fked up. Invading the house of a mma fighter. How was that a
    good idea.

  18. Stephen Waite says:

    Not that I condone killing…but 4 guys busted into his house wiv his
    family in the house! DAMN…DO NOT PISS OFF AN MMA FIGHTER!!!!

  19. link strong says:

    It’s self-defense for sure they broke into his house and he was just
    protecting his family

  20. Ben Hannon says:

    Yeah when he killed someone that’s probably what’s going to get him in
    trouble however I support him because people were stupid they winning is
    home he defended himself gay for him

  21. Laurens den hartog says:

    In my country the law says that you cannot kill a person in sel fdefense,
    only incapacitate them. Don’t know if this is different in the US. I say:
    There are people out there with martial training. So when you invade
    someones home, I expect you to have accepted the risk of that possibility!

  22. Geronimo Jiujitsu says:

    There should be nothing to charge him with if truly he was defending his
    family in a home invasion. It’s everyone’s right to protect there family
    in a case of people breaking into your home. They are damn lucky he didnt
    have a gun, or they might be 4 dead bodies.

  23. Matthew Whitlow says:

    If he gets arrested that is wrong and shame on law because during any
    robbery or anything I that category you may use anything to defend yourself
    which he did. TAKE THAT LAWS!!!

  24. Will G says:

    Bro, he is 1-5 in the octagon and STILL was easily able to defend himself
    against 4 armed assailants. MMA is fuckin REAL lol That shit is crazy. Good
    for him. They came at him in his home and he defended himself. I don’t see
    why he is in any hot water. They were armed and so even if his body is a
    “deadly weapon” it was equal force since they were using knives. AND there
    were 4 ofthem. AND they came into the house, not outside in the street.
    Seems pretty cut and dry to me. Stay the fuck out of an MMA fighters

  25. Gordon Gekko says:

    I’m sure the angle the prosticutors are using is that he had an opportunity
    to call the cops when the death threats were made. If any of you get in a
    situation like this, whether or not you are innocent, don’t say a God damn
    thing without a lawyer your life is at stake.

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