25 comments on “MMA Fighter Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller Surrenders After Police Standoff”

  1. FOX 11 Los Angeles says:

    Ex- #UFC and Mixed Martial Arts fighter Jason “Mayhem” Miller was in a
    standoff with SWAT officers at his Mission Viejo home in the 26000 block of
    Avenida Calidad today. He live tweeted the standoff and we have his arrest
    (in the video below) and those tweets.

    The full story and the tweets are here:

    #MMA #MMANews 

  2. Jolli Cowpatch says:

    do yank cops do this even if an old lady refuses a warrant? what a bunch of
    jumped-up money-wasting pussys lol

  3. Wyatt Hartman says:

    That’s my boy, fuck the police.

  4. mkygod says:

    Seems a bit overkill to me to have a SWAT team come after him. Even War
    Machine, a guy that nearly killed his ex, didn’t have a tenth as much fuss
    during his arrest.

  5. Jolli Cowpatch says:

    i bet all thats going through mayhems mind is: my hotdogdog is all alone

  6. Samuel Baez says:

    What a jackass……………………….

  7. HollywoodKendrick says:

    Damn, they sent SWAT after his ass. I guess because he’s a UFC fighter?

  8. machineguntongue says:

    Address in twitter. Somebody help out with his dog until he sorts this out.
    Animal,lovers in LA, help,a mans best friend in need. 

  9. KronaTithers says:

    I’m surprised they didn’t shoot hot-dog dog for threatening them.

  10. WeGottaSituationGTL says:

    Poor gator :/

  11. Aaron Tru says:

    http://youtu.be/0oTW_k6aK1E interviews from the scene

  12. xeamus says:

    this criminal needs to be LOCKED UP

  13. xJelenax3 says:

    Please someone take care of gator while he is not at home :((( 

  14. Kim Müller says:

    The Police has to much power. Just destroy a life for a TV-News. No
    Terrorist threatens the Citizens as much as the gouvernement.

  15. fuckthat85 says:

    if he was black they would have shot him an his dog. #freemayhemmiller

  16. Supersheriffen says:

    Hurray! Gator is fine!

  17. TrippinBraah says:


  18. bitchezzish says:

    thy should have just sent dog the bounty hunter xD

  19. James Lapid says:

    They brought in a small army with a helicopter to arrest one man who missed
    his court date… what a fucking joke. 

  20. Daniel Navarro says:

    Fuck the police

  21. Diego Augusto says:

    Not supporting Mayhem but god damn, american police really look like
    military thugs lately. New generations growing up with this militarization
    are just gonna take it at face value. Nice plan.
    Over here the regular police are military police and it just seems normal
    to everyone. Weird.

  22. SlinKO PluSh says:

    Thought it was a fancy dress party BBQ at first. Talk about overkill.

  23. Han Tei says:

    They made Mayhem look so badass.

  24. Michael G says:

    The article that I read that linked to this video called them “peace
    officers.” Can we PLEASE ditch that bullshit term? I’ve noticed that the
    pigs are demanding that we use it as it gets further and further from the
    I also saw a sign the other day that had shadowy military figures. It read,
    “home of the free because of the brave.” They honestly looked like SWAT
    members, so how the fuck can anyone call this country “free” anymore?

  25. enesog says:

    what happened ? Why did he get arrested ?

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