25 comments on “MMA Fighter Joe Torrez — 911 Call In Fatal Fight … They’re Trying to Stab Him!!!!”

  1. Phantomdirt says:

    ”Why ask so many questions” – To keep her calm, and so she doesn’t leave
    the vicinity of the phone.

  2. Jon Mcder says:

    LMAO 2:40 was about to ask “Is anyone in the house”

  3. SevereDoosh101 says:

    Fuck the police, taking their sweet ass time. Then they come out with a
    statement saying ” we did everything we could” the fuck you did, when
    theres a high way chase they have a helicopter there in less than 2 minutes

  4. Johnny Nunez says:

    This really need subtitles.

  5. MrJabloney says:

    “Operator! Someone is stabbing me!” Operator: ” Don’t raise your voice to
    me. I’m a very important person.The media says people like me are hero’s.
    Treat me with some respect” click.

  6. krimes213 says:

    haha they desrve dat and more

  7. patrickpk44 says:

    I would have said, “Send fucking people, there are people fighting and
    breaking into a house, now stop wasting my time asking questions.”

  8. Josh Schmidt says:

    Fuck the police…. operaters 

  9. Moe Marino says:

    5 min in the cops arent there yet WTF!

  10. ewilliamsz2099 says:

    Wtf with these 911 ppl

  11. Guanako King says:

    This operater is stupid!!! ( wat are the attackers name ) WTF

  12. CannabisKing503 says:


  13. allclothes says:

    They should just be like “123 abc street” and then send the cops asap and
    ask questions later all these questions always piss me off..the cops should
    be filled in as they’re driving there

  14. samarah fangmann says:

    How can has calm the f Down when someone is trying to stabbing them

  15. Sonic Soundwaveus says:

    Every house needs a gun!!!

  16. Marcos Escalera says:


  17. Leesa Babilino says:

    The operater should have the police sent and nit have been playing the game
    20 fucking questions…jeesus people these days

  18. MrTaser99 says:

    i was reading seems the 4 men that attacked him were known gang members so
    you gotta wonder is Joe part of or guilty by association. Listen car
    ,loads of gang members dont attack regular people im sorry something is
    def. up.

  19. Michael Pabico says:

    Operator didn’t listen, asked if there was a weapon, lady said there was.
    Asked for names like 10 times. This is where our tax dollars go… 

  20. Blak Migo says:

    Y the fuk she keep askin how many ppl are fighting..damn just send da laws
    there gees

  21. Jerry Hernandez says:

    this operator has to be the worst of all time….. she has to be a hood
    bitch, the way she was stretching her words.

  22. SkagginwagonGaming says:

    What the hell is wrong with this country? 4 men break into a house and joe
    defends himself and now they want to charge him with murder?! This
    seriously pisses me off! its like you cant even defend yourself anymore…

  23. 1985xio says:

    I really hope these is not 911 procedure ……

  24. leo toscale says:

    omfg what the fuck is wrong with the dispatcher wtf 

  25. fupayme says:

    This operator should be fired she keep asking did they leave sounds like
    she’s tired of talking to her or something she’s foul

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