25 comments on “MMA Fighter KNOCKED OUT COLD”

  1. OnceUponATimeThereWasAPersonWithALongUsername.TheUsernameWasSoLongThatEverybodyCommentedOnIt.TheEnd. says:

    I’m horny Rick it’s grim

  2. badnews22 says:

    You a chiver Rick?

  3. KatoPotato900 says:

    This guy is a big fan of Tito Ortiz. Hell he sucks just as much as he does.

  4. SgtBootz says:

    Unless you’re Anderson Silva….oh wait.

  5. Mohammed Osman says:

    Prince Naseem was the best at taunting and winning by far!.

    you should check out this vid, some super cocky boxers entrance backfires on him,lmao:


  6. TheGreenProspective says:

    Umm…What about KOBE BRYANT! He doesn’t talk at all. It’s scary.

  7. nasjere williams says:

    Go to sleep.

  8. reneperezz says:

    why the f did u cover this???? lmfao

  9. MovieGuy808 says:

    So many better MMA HL. You can’t see shit in this video.

  10. CHRISTIANNWO says:

    Yeah unless you’re Floyd Mayweather. 

  11. Airicks1 says:

    I think she meant like Tim Duncan, not Garnet..

  12. Snowgoon901 says:

    General rule of thumb when it comes to sports, you don’t start taunting or talking shit until you’re in the lead.

  13. Jagdeep Bhinder says:

    That’s what happen when someone tries to be cocky and overconfident. I think you missed two legends who also backed up their trash talk. Michael Jordan and Larry Bird. There also other greats like Rasheed wallace, Ron Artest and Gary Payton who didn’t won championships but backed it up with ferocious defense.

  14. Antitheist75 says:

    “ROADHOUSE!” Hilarious! Family Guy Rules.


  15. GAME1502 says:

    OMG KG?!! LMAO I agree with Rick, and not because I’m a big D. Rose fan, it’s just the truth. This guy does not talk and can ball!

  16. Pan Szyderka says:

    …someone like… Kevin Garnet. LOL.

  17. Galoucura8888 says:

    Rick, you’re a straight shooter man.

  18. Yazonac Pliskin says:

    “You got knocked the fugg out!”

  19. ZitroAngel says:

    i wanna marry nikki!!! im in love with her in a creepy way!! bahahahahahh!!! nahh shesss awesome tho!!! 😀

  20. Musaed Alotaibi says:

    It is funny

  21. bewilderedkettle says:


    Rick’s a true blue. He’s probably at Dodger’s stadium now hoping to see Mirallas score a stunner! 🙂

  22. Ozzy1998afc says:

    In wenger we trust

  23. JamesAColemanFan says:

    This is just a stable of how popularity can ruin a sport. You get clowns with little respect and think “look at me I’m so great I am a cage fighter come at me bro.” They are disgraceful. competition or just friendly sparring you should show respect to your opponent, you are both here to test yourselves and learn a few things. Martial arts is always evolving but some of them come in because they want to prove how great they are and seem to be lacking the drive for self improvement just egos.

  24. MrChopzz says:

    What a douchebag! I’m glad he got knock the fuck out!

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