25 comments on “MMA Fighter Mayhem Miller flips out on EA Sports MMA programmers”

  1. Infxze says:

    This has to be a joke. Who has a ball pit in the office

  2. Khaos969 says:

    I believe he was actually pissed off but when it went to far he turned it
    into a joke…. no one would like to be made in a game as shit… I mean
    its basically saying you suck at your sport and no one will want to play as
    you in a game because they made you out as terrible… that shit can be bad
    for your career and marketability

  3. ShogunTake says:

    I’ve only been watching MMA for a few years so what’s the deal with Mayhem?
    From what I’ve read/seen a lot of people used to like him during his Pride
    days, I watched him on TUF against Bisping and he genuinely seemed like a
    cool guy but lately he seems like he’s lost it.

  4. rzrselliott says:

    He was definitely pissed but when he realized he was looking like an idiot
    he decided to turn it into a joke…good save mayhem

  5. vomitedshit says:

    this is dumb as hell

  6. Marcello Ribeiro says:


  7. nystagmus says:

    does he have ADHD? he seems like it but i really like him. 

  8. RSNTheLyrics says:

    That is the most forced laugh, I’ve ever heard. 

  9. sbfdman says:

    These are the shit heads that allowed bf4 to be released..not wonder

  10. Gorgio Reel says:

    the joke is that this is a joke. thats an indirect insult. Lmao 

  11. DeathbyDakota . says:

    Watch the full version, it was a joke the entire time.

  12. harsha clarke says:

    We’ll this is ironic look who’s the bully now

  13. Big Johnson says:

    Hah that shit was koo fkn mayhem

  14. Steve Howe says:


  15. Jerid Feces says:

    one of the gayest laughs I’ve ever heard in my life


  16. kevin del busto says:

    so did they like make him the lowest ranking character or something?

  17. Asura Wolf says:

    Either way, he was still pissed…

  18. 1lostinspace says:

    Miller is a fucking douche bag, I love watching him get his ass kicked…

  19. Tristan Bernal says:

    Only Mayhem

  20. Rachel Firth says:

    Hahaha this guy is awesome

  21. Addison Montoya says:

    That was pretty funny…I wanna party with mayhem miller lol

  22. outlaw rd says:

    haha epic good acting:P the head designer whas shitting his pants

  23. steven jefferies says:

    mayhems a retard 

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