21 comments on “MMA fighter Ronda Rousey on Good Morning America (Mar 26th, 2015)”

  1. GoranKeoki says:

    What makes her think she is the biggest draw!? Weidman is a bigger draw, as
    are Jones, Anderson, (pretty sure) Cain, Hendricks and Connor probably is
    too, even though he hasn’t headlined a PPV yet

  2. GreatValleyMuscle says:

    Ronda is huge but people underestimate how attractive an opponent Alpha Cat
    was. She has a look, finishing style, resilience and hard luck story that
    sold the fight for like 2 years!

  3. Kai Huang says:

    She’s not that exciting as a fighter, I thinking the beginning she
    was intriguing to al ot of people. Now we pretty much seen everything she
    has to offer and theres really no more interesting challengers her stock is
    going down.

  4. Chris R says:

    Jon Jones is a bigger draw – Sorry Rhonda. And Connor M is going to soon
    be the biggest draw

  5. dan b says:

    maybe someday women will be allowed to compete against men in professional
    sports. the best players should play against the best players

  6. country girl says:

    My god Ronda you’re beautiful

  7. WHYNOTMEB4U says:

    I bet 100$ that any of the faggots here talking bad about Rousey wouldn’t
    last themselves 20 seconds in the ring with her, You know, internet is the
    only place in the world where you can post the most idiotic comments like,
    “shes no good”, “shes not that exciting as a fighter”, “horrible person”
    … My bet is 100$ to take her in the ring and tell all this keyboard
    warrior bullshit to her face…then post your face on youtube after she
    smashes your face and brakes your fucking arm.

  8. Mitchell Soto says:

    Delusional. She is not even close to being the biggest draw. Her last main
    event with (Not Cat Zingano) the stadium was empty and she got 300k ppv

  9. OmFgFFsWtF says:

    honestly… I am not gay, I never had anal sex with a guy and not planning

  10. Daniel W. says:

    LOL The ufc is making her a lobbyist 🙂 God i love big businesses.

  11. TheDigitalSmoke says:

    The growth hormones are eating her brain.
    Her face changes more due to cycles then Oprah’s ass.

  12. JimmyRose1 says:

    After watching this interview makes me believe that Ronda is a great
    ambassador for the sport, unlike other (cough Jon Jones cough).

  13. Mark Clark says:

    who the fuck cares about that arguable one line, the rest of her argument
    was on point

  14. Bruce Phillips says:

    I’d do her! If I could find enough women to hold her still long enough for
    me! AND until I was out of the country afterwards!

  15. eastonhfc says:

    I thought Ronda was great here.

  16. peralez2383 says:

    Great fighter, horrible person

  17. Joe Blow says:

    When is the last time anyone saw RR “fight”?? She is a 1 trick pony. Not
    to mention she is arrogant beyond belief & drops f-bombs to young
    impressionable kids. An ambassador for the sport she is NOT! Too caught
    up in the $$, fame, & cameras.

  18. deadballo says:

    So…did anyone actually discuss the issue or are you too busy either bashing
    or cunt-hugging Ronda?

    I don’t know if she’s the biggest draw, but she’s certainly the most
    polarizing figure and perhaps the most well-known among the casuals.

    Ronda, like her or not, was well spoken here. She’s more articulate than
    the average MMA goon and carries her division and the sport in the casual
    arena rather well. Yeah, she’s cocky, but what belt holder isn’t? Women
    often look bad being cocky ’cause we’re not used to it, but we aren’t
    loading an easy-bake oven here.

    Anyway, the problem with NY isn’t that they’re ignorant cunts, but that
    they elect ignorant cunts that make a habit of banning everything. Pinball
    machines were banned in New York until 1976 for crying out loud. They
    temporarily banned big gulps and tried to ban big pizzas. NYC currently
    bans handguns and concealed weapons which IMO is a big joke and only helps
    the muggers. They’ve banned boogie boards, foam packaging, donating food to
    the homeless, fortune tellers, and farting in church. They’ve also banned
    virtually any pet other than cats and dogs, including ferrets, reptiles,
    sloths, and pink flamingos.

    I guess what I’m saying is New York sucks and New Yorkers suck. 

  19. Drvol1 says:

    Ronda should have said that boxing is way more dangerous than MMA. Repeated
    punches to the head plus people getting knocked out and the refs standing
    them back up. The fuck is that shit. Way more barbaric and it is in the
    Olympics. Ignorance.

  20. apllDgrapllD says:

    What people have to understand is Ronda has 2 sides ah personal side and ah
    business side that everyone seems to hate!! 

  21. Jimmy Gill says:

    she looks like a she hulk, no feminine features at all. whos her stylist!!

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