25 comments on “MMA Fighter Throws Hadouken At Opponent, Then Beats Him Up 2015”

  1. ragiiofficial says:

    Powerball? Powerball? Powerfuckingball? My God…

  2. E7Editing says:

    I dont understand how this is entertainment for some people

  3. ChaozDealer says:

    powerball? fzzz? do you even street fighter bro?

  4. shogrran says:

    Wth man, 12-6 elbows are illegal but hadoukens aren’t? Should have been
    disqualified for using the powerball. 

  5. Dr.ErikNefarious says:

    I lost it at “He knows he got ‘im and goes fwzzz”

  6. lordyrich says:

    look up Kenny Omegas Hadouken 

  7. DigitalPrime says:

    Hadouken !!!

  8. mario rojas says:

    That’s the cheesiest shit I’ve ever seen cheesier than you mommas ass Crack
    to be exact

  9. xXIggy93Xx says:

    he knew he got him and he goes “zzzzZZzz”

  10. tSatoZi says:

    *shinku hadoken*

  11. DoubleO88 says:

    that chip damage though…

  12. Game Master Toolbox says:

    He didn’t block the hadouken, so he lost. 

  13. Mohamed Ibrahimovic says:

    Kame hamee haaaaaaaa

  14. Gabriel Juvencio says:

    predict people doing assembly of that video!

  15. Skelett Jam says:

    mayb he said powerball for copyright

  16. Nathen Mixon says:

    lol I can’t wait for the sound effects to hit this

  17. NiggaDaNinja says:

    You know you’re gonna win if u do the Hadouken 5 feet away from a guy

  18. yessirge says:

    You are allowed to hit your opponent even when he’s already on the floor?

  19. sKiNo says:

    would be funny if the dude that did the Hadouken, lost.. :p but impressive

  20. Ritabrata Majumder says:


  21. Nathan Masters says:


  22. Daniel Laah says:

    Spirtual awakening mode 

  23. Lightningdude says:


    Dumb commentators

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