24 comments on “MMA Fighter Tracks Down His Own Thieves”

  1. Jon Smith says:

    Where is the diversity in this video? Enough of these white criminals,
    where are the strong African American ones? Equal opportunity in all
    places makes sense to me.

    – A logical blackman.

  2. bluetextonwhitebg says:

    fucking tweakers. the only good drug addict is a dead one.

  3. Kamakazi says:

    8 time UFC vet? 

  4. Bernd Lauert says:

    White criminals, thats something you don’t see often.

  5. Not Isaac says:

    Anything for another needle. I live near San Fran and these tweakers are
    everywhere just shitting up the place. They all gather in parks at night to
    shoot up and just leave their filthy needles when they’re done. The police
    don’t do shit because there are so many of them. They need to crack down on
    these scumbags and arrest every single one. Send a message and stop letting
    them get away with shooting up in a public place.

  6. jtmagicman25 says:

    Think twice, they could have shot you dead……. But you live, to fight
    another day…..

  7. Joe Mamma says:

    Once I saw the pics of the thieves, I knew he would not beat them. Just
    look at them, they are pathetic. Beating them would be like taking candy
    from a baby…

  8. Benjamin Yew says:

    How many more views would this video have gotten if “Thieves” was replaced
    with “Crackheads”?

  9. CreamyButta says:

    more pink on pink crime ..and more pink dope fiends….

    . other than it being reported….and claims of mental illness not being
    mentioned…….. what’s new?…..

    be blessed

  10. Vam TheAnomaly says:

    Who the hell keeps their credit card IN a bag, IN the trunk of their car?!

  11. Maya ThePanda says:

    He should have just beat the shit out of both of them.
    I don’t care if that’s a female, you do a stupid act you get punished for

  12. duvy1234 says:

    So much empathy in these comments…not. Color me surprised that YouTube is
    the cesspool of ugly little souls

  13. billy bob says:

    ROLMFATFO !!! He says his “back ground !!!! lol… he’s a never was ! never
    mind a has been! Guy has a bums fighting record ! Google it ! Truth be know
    ,he never reacted because he was too busy cleaning the shit out of his
    pants !

  14. iiwatcher says:

    Some serious tweak face going on there.

  15. Samuel Keefe says:

    Most annoying news anchor. Actually all of them are annoying. Such a fake
    way to talk. 

  16. JTCGiantz56 says:

    They both definitely aren’t meth heads

  17. Arlo Bennett says:

    Meth. Not even once, faggots.

  18. Ted Esparza says:

    The faces of meth.

  19. lllerlll says:

    they chosah tha ronnaguy

  20. shizlnit says:

    1:49 my god… 

  21. O0Salmon0O says:

    Great story good to see someone capable of practical justice and not over
    the top with self-rightiousness. Now how did that woman get a job as a
    newscaster with that nasal voice? More words came from her nose than her

  22. Саша Белый says:


  23. Boobletown Bobby says:

    He showed tremendous restraint when he confronted them. He should have put
    ground and pounded his face into the pavement. 

  24. JA YE says:

    this would have been more interesting if he had beaten the thieves

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