25 comments on “mma fighter vs “cholo””

  1. rob lipiec says:

    Dont kick? taking phone breaks? …pretty evident he didnt want to fight or
    couldnt fight either …but the funny thing is he probably started it.!

  2. 1nine89 says:

    Cholos don’t say nigga ha and mma fighters have better fighting skills.

  3. EternallyProfound says:

    this mother fucker with shorts keep backing up fucking pussy can’t fight
    don’t start the fight fucking cholo. What the fuck is a cholo?

  4. BLiNKBeaTs says:

    He was searching Google and YouTube on how to defend against kicks….

  5. Without A Name says:

    so which one was the “mma fighter” cant tell

  6. bdjuggalo says:

    he said he was a beginner but its funny the wanna be ” gangster ” getting
    beat up taking breaks oh no stop kicking me lol I almost rolled laughing..
    ive been in the same situation .. not bullied but in fights and whenever I
    was getting over on them people would jump in pull me off then they would
    say this is a street fight you cant do that…..? ive taken punch after
    punch to the face still look good lol and never called anyone a cheater or
    cried over what happen but I never lost the fight either. bullies cry more
    than anybody and people that try to act like they know how to fight like
    this guy piss and moan when they cant do something like defend a kick.

  7. Matthew says:

    Lol, how is kicking pussy shit? It’s combat, fucking idiot.

  8. david creech says:

    “Don’t kick!” lol! I wonder how many opponents told Bruce Lee not to

  9. darrian patton says:

    a tip u need some head movement bro but gj

  10. bluechip17 says:

    Why did that one kid keep trying to make a bussiness call. What was he
    doing ordering a pizza.

  11. Mareks Perkons says:

    not sure if the black dude would let fight restart after winning. i would
    not put my money on it

  12. wakinyanoyate says:

    lmao Don’t kick me? Why you kicking me? lol CUZ I CAN BITCH!

  13. Hugo Teixeira says:

    Good job man. 

  14. CantYouSee HowMuchIMissYou says:

    They Don’t Know How To Fight How Sad…

  15. My name says:

    Is there a second part? Seems like he was trying to buy some time to call
    call some people over.

  16. Dynamic Samurai says:

    Typical valley kids. 

  17. James Wardrop says:

    Why do they always say “dont kick”? Dont want to get kicked, dont get into

  18. James Harrod says:

    0:38 kick, you’re not aiming/leading with your knee bud. Gotta set the knee
    to the height that you want (ie. leg, torso). Then whip that shin out.

  19. Damian90 says:

    There are only Three Major Rules in Street Fight we should all follow.
    1. No punching or kicking the balls.
    2. No one jumps In
    3. No weapons.
    these are rules for a nice good clean fight.

  20. Chris Romero says:

    Haha the little kids got scared at the end they went back

  21. TheFluffyguyfan says:

    Thosedidn’t look like mma punches XD

  22. neettim says:

    did he check his phone in the middle of a fight lol

  23. Og3990 says:

    you beat up your bully i can respect that

  24. Aaron Maxwell says:

    ok first bob sagot you must be one of the dumbest humans on the planet,
    being mexican is a nationality, not a color just like being american can be
    anyone, mexicans are white or brown or whatever, get it straight, and this
    fight royally sucks mate also

  25. andrew huffman says:

    im not impressed not at all

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