25 comments on “MMA Fighter Wanted After Vicious Attack on Christy Mack”

  1. SickestRap says:

    Damn that’s fucked up

  2. AFinleyProductions says:

    Dog the bounty hunter said he is going to go after him

  3. iNguyenn says:

    I recently read her interview in Inked mag.. And she’s been out of the porn
    business for about 10 or 11 months.. No matter what she does. No “MAN”
    should ever lay their hands on a woman.. So fuck everyone who says they
    don’t feel sorry for her because she did porn or because she’s a “whore”..
    Have some fucking respect. 

  4. cT ProbleMz says:

    Whores will be whores she deserved this

  5. marblee says:

    I’m sorry but I just can’t feel bad for someone who stay with a person that
    beats you. I just can’t understand it.

  6. john van ryken says:

    bitch got fuckedup

  7. Uncle Ruckus says:


  8. Billy Fresh says:

    Now this is fucked up. It’s not some thing where you react to a girl
    hitting you first, this is a dude beating the shit out of a tiny ass 105 lb
    5’3 woman for apparently no good reason. It wouldn’t be as bad if he hit
    her once, but it seems like he thought he was across from her in the
    octagon and title was on the line….I mean damn

  9. Rob B says:

    Who in their right might outside the porn industry would date a fuckin
    whore porn star? Seeing your woman suck and fuck other guys on camera then
    she comes home and kisses and has sex with you. That sounds stupid as

  10. Steve Stevens says:

    This is inexcusable.

  11. Pastor Charles Smith says:

    She should honour her boyfriend. In Christianity the man is the head of
    the couple, the one that serves the Lord. Amen!

  12. okniceguy says:

    “He’s beaten me many times before…”
    I was remorseful up until that point.
    No one, man or woman, deserves domestic violence. But if you actively
    choose to stay with the partner that’s beating on you don’t be surprised if
    something like this happens.

    You’ve been warned.

  13. therealmrpTV says:

    He can have fun being an alpha male in prison…. dumbass

  14. XxPurEEv1LxX says:

    I show no sympathy to whores. I dont gaf I dont feel bad for the bitch

  15. flint lock says:

    Amazingly enough,,,,,,,this fag reporter can call mma fighters “meatheads”
    but if anyone calls him a lisping little twinkle toed fag……….OHHHH
    thats not politically correct.

  16. rik arow says:

    everytime i scroll thru porn and i see christy mack, i feel like i wanna
    punch her in the head for having all those tacky tattoos and that stupid
    ass hair do, i guess someone actually did it…

  17. sam avesta says:

    she was sucking cocks in movies now he is gonna suck the cocks in prison!

  18. boiiitrae says:

    What else would someone expect if they were with a retired slut?

  19. Mateusz Szek says:

    What do you expect if you dating porn star :D

  20. Doosh Mann says:

    Perhaps a bukakke session and a face full of jizz from 15 guys would help
    soothe her bruises.

  21. Aldo Diaz says:

    Hey girls you just keep on dating these roided meatheads everything will be

  22. Maiathizz says:

    She deserved it nuff said

  23. CLOUD YO says:

    “Gotta learn when you get hurt
    Even if its with cupid
    He beat you and you went back
    She’s officially stupid”- J. Cole

  24. Bloody Axe says:

    After you’re fully healed, go one and keep dating violent thugs. “Tee hee
    they’re so sexy because they’re exciting and dangerous tee hee!” Yeah, I’m
    sure that’ll work out just fine.

  25. SUP3RFLYSAMURA1 says:

    Damn. This shit crazy. No matter what happened Christy Mack is mad
    beautiful and didn’t deserve this. No girl does. Shit comes back tho. I
    hope she recovers.

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