25 comments on “MMA fighter War Machine beats adult-film actress Christy Mack in her Las Vegas home”

  1. Roxidius says:

    When he showed up she was probably banging the “friend”.
    This must be done to every single whore!

    Update: it seems she turned prostitute While they were together. She should
    be thankful this honorable man didn’t kill her!
    Only spineless worms won’t understand whats wrong with your gf turning into
    a prostitute!
    It’s a good thing too, I’m fucking many of them wives living in Holland!
    Thanx honorless, shameless weak “men”!

  2. TheRedCapitalist says:

    Typical white American steroid trash. Every one of his ilk needs to be
    erased from this planet

  3. Nahum Dyer says:

    Oh my gosh that’s awful and terrible of what he did to his ex girlfriend
    and it pisses me off when i see or hear women especially beautiful
    attractive women go for the macho bad boys like him than go for the nice
    gentle geeky/nerdy guys which that’s one of my pet peeves in humanity .
    Macho bad boys like him makes me sick to my stomach and makes my blood
    boil. If it were up to me i would have him spend the rest of his life in
    prison. That guy needs to get a taste of his own medicine which i hope
    any top level Female MMA fighter like Ronda Rousey finds out about this and
    kick his ass. That guy is a disgrace to Martial Arts and i hope he rots in

  4. Mike Woods says:

    War Machine, more like Douche bag Machine.

  5. YOUNG ELA says:

    Lol the bitch deserved it

  6. Seventh Universe says:

    if the dumb ass is tweeting then he will be found shortly.
    what a stupid fuck ruining your life because not only for a twat but also a
    porn actress.

  7. Ibsa Ana says:

    Alpha male my ass. Alpha male doesn’t hit some weaker than him

  8. Doge says:


  9. 420_SOMALI says:

    looks like this narrator must have jerked off to all of her adult films…
    he sounds very pissed… lol at the low blows 

  10. ComYxCon4LiFe says:

    Despicable bastard!!! GARBAGE!!!!

  11. Great White7 says:

    MMA fighter Jon Koppenhaver, who legally changed his name to War Machine.
    If his name is now legally “war machine”, then why do you call him JK? 

  12. The Incredible Jerk says:

    Increase the reward to $250,000 and I will find him myself.

  13. ᴹᴬᴿᴷ says:

    The guy was “visiting” mack

  14. JIG SAW says:

    Fucking looser ! Coward ! I hope he gets beaten 100 times worst !

  15. M Jones says:

    This beating has actually worked out in Christie Mack’s favor…….
    Now she won’t have to pay for botox injections in her lips.

  16. Jacob Streiff says:

    I think they need to have a MMA handicap match 5 v war machine and beat the
    shit out of that piece of trash

  17. pham90s says:

    What a coward..

  18. logan King says:

    Lol this is so not what happen 

  19. turt toot says:

    They were doing their jobs.

  20. Jonathan Noel says:

    I get crazy jealous too. I understand how he reacted but it takes a lot of
    control to say no to anger when you find your women or ex with another guy
    no matter what the situation. It’s like a cliff that you either jump off or
    not but once you jump you can’t climb back up.

  21. XxUFC FAN says:

    Should let her pitbull run into the house and bite his dingdong off,
    instead running out and shutting the door from them. What an animal he
    is.!! ..

  22. otakukj says:

    Hope you get you ass beat by cops then in jail. That’s just fucked up you
    dick. You can’t make an hoe into a house wife, so no reason to beat that
    bitch up the bad

  23. Syahmi Abdul Majid says:

    This is the clear sign Secular way of life Modern Western,Modern Europe
    ,Atheist, isn’t Harmony isn’t Best style to equip.

    Christy Mack Need Islam if she Seek Beautiful Death and Security. That Man
    too fool/too aggressive to be in Islam I vote no for MMA Athelete, While
    yes for the poor victim. Smh.

  24. buggy small says:

    funny thing is, it wont be long before war machine will have his ass,
    daily raped in prison :D

  25. Liam Ryan says:

    Shes my favourite

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