25 comments on “MMA Ground and Pound Tutorial – Coach Firas Zahabi”

  1. fabiolito28 says:

    Hi Mr zahabi, I am wondering if you are ever going to offer to sell a video
    program showing techniques for all the martial arts that you know, like jiu
    jitsu, muay thai etc. And exercises/drills, I think that would be something
    that many people would be interested in buying I definitely would, thanks
    for the great advise!

  2. ofir leibel says:

    do you think da la riva can really work in mma? 

  3. Michael Andreula says:

    Coach – can you do a breakdown on how a fighter like Pettis can beat a RDA.

  4. mario monzon says:

    I’m in love with this channel, I really appreciate the time and effort you
    put in these videos.

  5. Tanyer Lamb says:

    That worm’s eye view is terrifying! Great tutorial.

  6. Mixed Martial Arts - MMA says:

    *MMA Ground and Pound Tutorial – Coach Firas Zahabi*

    I’ve been getting a lot of people asking for a ground and pound tutorial,
    so here is the first of many. There is a lot to know about striking an
    opponent on the ground but this vide is a great starting point. Many great
    fighters have made there career of the there ability to use the Ground and
    Pound, GNP is definitely one of the most offensive aspects of MMA. Be sure
    to master it. #UFC #MMA #GSP 

  7. GodDamnit7711 says:

    You guys are awesome, thanks for the great content!

  8. StopDuckingCheezus says:

    Brilliant as usual.

  9. Antonio SantosdlHera says:

    Thank you Firas for your videos, I’d like to see some ground and pound work
    from inside the guard, GSP style.

  10. Harrison Biddulph says:

    Could you do a breakdown of bjj effectively being used in a street
    altercation ? Thanks for all the videos they are awesome. I really loved
    your knee slice guard pass details, super helpful. 

  11. rm davis says:

    Awesome tutorial thanks Firas. Hoping to see more Muay Thai tutorials like
    in the clinch but these videos are great too.

  12. B Hames says:

    You the man Firas. I love your tutorials and I love this channel. BTW, I
    hope Rory gets that belt.

  13. JiuJitsu9 says:

    I was always wondering how to escape the kick sweep. I also herd it being
    called sickle sweep but i guess its the second one she shows in this video:

  14. elr1cbros says:

    This must be why Rory is so good at ground and pound. 

  15. joshtoddification says:

    Looking forward to more videos like this. Thank you.

  16. Andrew Barrett says:

    When you bring both feet in, could he not get a double anklepick or is
    there some defence to it?

  17. David Aceituno says:

    Nice! lets reach 50k subs!

  18. Karl Schmidt says:

    Nice breakdown!

  19. Novennial says:

    Awesome video.

  20. Warbucks says:

    this channel is sick.

  21. IHoboJunk says:

    great camera work

  22. Mike yansi says:

    Awesome video

  23. Brendan Dorman says:

    +Tristar Gym Firas killin it as always! Check it out……

  24. 128ciaran says:

    Delighted you put this up was fighting Saturday just gone and thought I
    should have finished the fight feel I need to work on my ground and pound
    these tips are great, would love a breakdown of how to strike effectively
    in the guard Aswell thanks a lot 🙂 

  25. Sammy Crow says:

    Make a video teaching Georges’ most successful MMA takedowns. Great

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