24 comments on “MMA H.E.A.T. Fan Feedback: 3 Questions About UFC 165 Jones vs Gustafsson”

  1. michael puente says:

    1. If Jon wants to take Alexander down he will take him down.
    2. Renan wins
    3. hopefully not 

  2. liverpool1691 says:

    Jeremy Brigham your dumb you watched the sonnen jones interview before this & said exact what jones said he uses angles well you silly idiot think yourself & say you said the only thing Jon ones said your not a fan your a pain get off mma ufc & stick to watching Justin bieber

  3. Jeremy Brigham says:

    I’m not underestimating Gustafsson , I’m actually a fan but he at this point is not ready for Jon Jones. Gustafsson could give Jones a few problems standing because he uses angles well , but Jones is still better in every aspect of MMA. Jones will be able to drag this fight to the ground and get the stoppage.

  4. yEuhpues says:

    My money is on Jones getting his takedowns. Both of their successes could be attributed to long limbs, but Jones is a certified wrestler. Barao over Wineland – speed and accuracy over power. #3) At least 1 take down : )

  5. dikkeroege says:

    Predictions are not feedback. Feedback is something you ask for in order to work with.

  6. swigg says:

    Without a doubt Jones will take down Gustaffson. Barao is faster than windland, he’s a volume striker in comparison, Barao wins the standup battle. Yes takedowns indeed lol.

  7. Kauan Musumeci says:

    Barao can scrap man, ur crazy if u think hes just technical, maybe Barao wins even in the short distance

  8. Jordan Ace says:

    jones will stand with A G for the first few minuted than look for a davis esque last minute takedown which will be successful, barao win with his stand up and the costa fight will be faught on the feet

  9. Kauan Musumeci says:

    since Barao handled Mcdonald, he can handle everyone

  10. STFUppercut69 says:

    Jones will take Gusta down on will. People talk about Gustas reach, yet he has the same reach as Shogun… what makes Gusta tall are his long legs and he liks to throw out random kicks to feel the opponent out. What keeps Jones from grabbing the kicks and using them to take Gusta down? On top Jones has a massive reach advantage once again thanks to his ridiculously long arms.
    I want Gusta to win, but I simply don’t see it happening, unless it’s a KO. Jones’ chin is suspicious in my opinion.

  11. traumaminority says:

    Why you so mad you got to try and insult everyone? Simply pointing out if you’re going to insult someone’s intelligence it helps if you show some of your own, people mustve made the UFC MMA comment to you before. BTW millions of people on youtube see that, so not very intelligent place for an inside joke. So if you don’t want to seem like an idiot/ass either A) change the name so people won’t get that comment or B) Don’t get your panties in a twist when someone does make the UFC MMA comment.

  12. Z3rU says:

    1 – Yes, but not in the earliest rounds
    2 – Barão
    3 – Yes

  13. EvilSecondTwin says:

    1. Yes
    2. Barao
    3. No.

    …4. I have a jock-it.

  14. chris mcgivern says:

    Hang on chael an the other do think gus is goin to win jokers that’s what chael said before he stepped in the ring with bones fool look what happend to him

  15. Stephan Corzine says:

    1. It’s not a matter of if he can take him down but will he take him down. Jones is going to stand with him for sure and he will win the stand up. 2. Renan will dominate Eddie in the stand up he’s way more diverse in his stand up game, just as long as he stays technical and not get into a brawl then it’s another story. 3 Costa will win but unanimously but will be a slow drawn out fight, take downs will happen for both in the fight.

  16. MrNateMCM says:

    Those statistics about alex are irrelevant, the competition he’s faced is nowhere near the level jones has fought on, jones manhandled chael in wrestling, im pretty sure alex wont be able to do shit, especially a takedown. Get real…

  17. SouloHigh says:

    1. Jones will absolutely take down Gustaffson. He manhandles people and throws them down.
    2. Barao is a beast in that division, i don’t see anyone stopping him, including Dominick.
    3. Of course there will be, Carmont has been gifted decisions. Phillipou is on another level, and I guarantee his past training with Weidman helped his wrestling a lot.

  18. BSSkitchsYT says:

    1. Yes
    2. Barao if he can keep it a technical kickboxing bout.
    3. Perhaps, Only from Carmont though. If any.

  19. I train UFC says:

    It’s obviously an inside joke. But you wouldn’t understand sarcasm, so don’t bother.

  20. Chin Chillaz says:

    yes…….. wineland…… yes……….

  21. marcoayhon says:

    Jones will take him down not going too try to stand up with him watch !

  22. ninjaworshipper says:

    1) Yes. Easily.
    2) Barao
    3) No

  23. Taicho Sim says:

    1) Jones will take Gustafsson down.
    2) Barao will win the standup battle
    3) Takedowns will be negated by each other.

  24. EwE Whisperer says:

    Bones will try to take it to the ground as the mauler tests his chin like no other before.Glass jaw jones gets wobbled and panics thus shooting on the mauler.And during the shoot he dismembers his other big toe on his foot which puts him into a even worse fit of panic.While looking at the toe in round 2 bones gets clipped insta KO.

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